Is it me, or do Fallout 4’s factions suck?

fallout 8 - Is it me, or do Fallout 4's factions suck?


I've been replaying Fallout 4 all week, and I'm slowly realizing that, while I enjoy the gameplay, I despise every faction's quest line. Specifically, all the factions IIRC basically contradict one another, which in turn leads to a conflict of interest, followed by the destruction of the other factions. This is fine depending on what your role-playing as, but in other situations, it throws the role-playing out the window.

My character is currently one who wants to protect everyone he meets, no matter what. He wants to protect those that have helped him and those that are innocent. However, pretty much any of the factions I can join lead to problems.

If I join the Institute, I kill pretty much everyone I associate with for the sake of saving humanity and aligning everyone else with the Institute's ideology.

If I join the minutemen, I destroy the Institute, along with my son (as with the rest of the factions), and IIRC get into war with the brotherhood, which could easily join forces with the minutemen to protect people as well.


If I join the brotherhood, I fullfil the goal of protecting the innocent, but in the process I'd kill off the minutemen and the the railroad, both of which likely assisted the player at one time or another.

If I join the railroad, I risk my life for synths which may or may not be rendered useless after the Institute is destroyed, as well as conflicting with the other groups in that they protect things that the other groups want to destroy.

I understand there's a certain process to follow to end up with every faction except the institute coexisting. However, it is not explicitly written, and can be rather buggy depending on how the instructions are followed.

Does anyone else feel that the way the story is written more or less eliminates certain play styles? I feel like Bethesda could have done a better job accommodating more ways to play.

I'm also sure this debate has already been debated, but I'm new to this subreddit, and I'd like to gather thoughts for my own curiosity.


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