Is my “one-go” main story Fallout walkthrough in the right order?

fallout 5 - Is my “one-go” main story Fallout walkthrough in the right order?

Main Quests

-War Never Changes

-Out of Time

-When Freedom Calls

-Order Up (passed on route to Diamond City)

-Jewel of the Commonwealth

-Unlikely Valentine

-The Sight: speech check for Skinny Malone

-Getting a Clue

-The Sight: key under Kellogg’s house

Brotherhood of Steel Quests

-Fire Support

-Call to Arms

-Cleansing the Commonwealth


-Semper Invicta

-The Lost Patrol

Back to Main Quests


-The Sight: weakens Kellogg during his battle

-Dangerous Minds


-The Glowing Sea


-The Sight: factory reset code for the Corser and their chip

-Road to Freedom

Make a save for not taking any game changing sides

Work Undercover with the Institute

-The Molecular Level (Brotherhood)


-Building A Better Crop

-Synth Retention

-The Battle of Bunker Hill

-Mankind Redefined

-Plugging A Leak

-A House Divided

-Mass Fusion


-Powering Up

Make a second save for no enemies

Siding with the Institute

-End of the Line

-Airship Down

-Nuclear Family

-Political Leanings

Make a third save if you want to come back to a post-Institute ending game


Siding with the Railroad


-The Molecular Level (Railroad)

-Underground Undercover

-Operation Ticonderoga

-Precipice of War

-Rockets Red Glare

-The Nuclear Option

-Lost Soul

Make a third save if you want to come back to a post-Railroad ending game


Siding with Brotherhood of Steel

Just so you don’t have to repeat any quests, work with the Minutemen to get into the Institute.



-The First Step

-The Molecular Level (Minutemen)

-Inside Job

-Virgil’s Cure

Kill Father or get banished from the Institute

-Shadow of Steel

-Tour of Duty

-Blood Bank

Keep the Feeding the Troops and Learning Curve Brotherhood of Steel side quests in your quest log

Back to Main Quests

Again, for future convenience, continue working with the Minutemen.

-Retribution at Abernathy Farm (will count towards the minimum number of settlements to visit for Preston)

-Minutemen Radiant Quests

-Taking Independence

-Old Guns

-Form Ranks

Make a save to come back for a Minutemen/peaceful ending

-Show No Mercy

-Duty or Dishonor

-From Within

-Outside the Wire

-Liberty Reprimed

-A Loose End

-Blind Betrayal

-Tactical Thinking

-Spoils of War

-Ad Victorium

-The Nuclear Option

-A New Dawn

Make a third save if you want to come back to a post-Brotherhood ending game


Siding with the Minutemen

-Defend the Castle

-The Nuclear Option (Keep Open)

-Human Error (Will become unavailable after completing The Nuclear Option)


-Boston After Dark

-Butcher's Bill

-Weathervane Radiant Quest/s

-Butcher's Bill 2

-Memory Interrupted

-Virgil’s Cure

-The Nuclear Option

-Learning the Curve

-Feeding the Troops

Make a second to last save if you want to come back to a post-peaceful ending game

Attack the Brotherhood of Steel to get “With Our Powers Combined”

Make a third save if you want to come back to a post-Minutemen ending game

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