Is there any way to stop New Vegas bugs on Xbox Console?

fallout 7 - Is there any way to stop New Vegas bugs on Xbox Console?

A couple of days ago, I decided I would replay New Vegas on my Xbox One console. This isn’t the first time I’ve replayed New Vegas, but it is my first time on a different Xbox One console. Given the fact I’m playing it on a new gen console, I figured the game would run a lot smoother and be less glitchy, compared to how it used to run on my old 360. However, my experience has been the polar opposite so far.

Some quests (primarily Booted, the quest where you save some Powder Gangers from being enslaved to the Legion after Nipton) simply just glitch out. I’ll go into Vats, try to shoot one of the Legion guys, and it’ll completely lock up my game. I’ll try and throw dynamite, the dynamite will just stay in my hand completely locked up as I’m running for my life. The animation will eventually act like it’s throwing dynamite after 10 seconds of being locked up, only to never throw it. It’s only the game, though – my console itself never locks up.

Luckily that quest was the primary one I was having issues with (minus the few glitches that just come with the game), until a couple of minutes ago. I was down in Vault 34, trying to complete the Hard Luck Blues quest, when I went down into the Overseer’s quarters. Everything was running smoothly until one of the security guard ghouls pushed me, sending me out of the map. I fall from the gray void into this area in Vault 34 I had yet to discover (I believe it’s a water pump area that’s heavily irradiated), and surely to my luck, I can’t get out because I need a terminal password or physical key. Not by any means is it the end of the world when the game does this, it’s just annoying and an inconvenience when you’ve almost killed all the ghouls in that area.

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I theorized with Booted, perhaps it’s the amount of NPC’s in the area which causes the game to essentially crash. I’m beginning to wonder if that’s the also the case with Vault 34. It makes me a little nervous to continue replaying, only because – what happens when I get to the end of the game, where the area is swarmed with NPC characters and they’re fighting.

However, I am wondering if any of you have any tips on how to make it stop or theories as to why this keeps happening. I replayed New Vegas not more than 6 months ago, and never had any problems like this. I am, however like I said, playing on a new Xbox. (Not a brand new one, but an Xbox that has never run New Vegas before.) I also have no mods or such installed on my Xbox, if that’s even a thing for New Vegas on console.

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