Is Vanilla Survival still a thing? Or has it ever been a thing to begin with?

fallout 3 - Is Vanilla Survival still a thing? Or has it ever been a thing to begin with?

So I bought fallout 4 back this summer and I have been playing it on a more or less regular basis for the past few months. So my main idea for my first playthrough was to play it realistically, trying to make choices that my character would make and trying to see whats going through his mind when he makes them, in other words truly role playing. Like, if I decided to coldly execute the synth who was the courser target, there has to have been a reason for it; my character have been talking to enough people and resent enough the implication of the institute behind his son kidnapping that this was too much of a loose end to keep…

But Im going away from the main subject here a little bit. I was very excited about the survival mode of the game, wich is apparently the only way to have hunger, thirst and sleep be a factor of your gameplay, so what the hell, Im doing my first playthrough of the game in survival mode. I have countless of hours playing fallout 3 and skyrim, so I figured I should be fine. The only real problem I have with survival mode is the saves, can only save when sleeping. Even in the first few minutes after turning it on, I had the feeling it was going to be a pain in the arse; I was thinking, its a Bethesda game, theres no way some random bug wont force me to reload and loose my progress, and theres no way im gonna sleep every 15 minutes, this degree of nonsensical bullcrap would make me cringe the fuck out of the game. Sure enough, game breaking bugs started to make my life hell; loosing all sounds sometimes if you go back in the vault, getting stuck on that terminal next to the fusion generator in the museum of freedom, AND obviously, getting stuck on the loading screens (its kind of a trademark for Bethesda games, if you dont get this bug, its not a genuine one). And its not to mention dying the normal way… Like hundreds of time doing the museum of freedom just to get smashed at the end by a deathclaw.


I did not give up tho. I managed to find an exploit to save my game, where if you exit the game, it will create an exitsave and its possible to go in the saves folder and copy this file to your desktop and paste it back into your game everytime you need, except you need to entirely restart the game (something I do fairly often anyways if I get stuck on a damned loading screen). I did that for a while, but it wasnt perfect, sometimes, if you exit the game to save, it will not save properly. So I started to look into mods: the first thing I installed was optimized textures mods and FAR resolution mods, to help my gfx card a bit, that stopped the game from crashing so often, then I installed the unofficial patch, I dont really see the bugs it fixed, but thats kinda the point isnt it? next I installed the SURVIVAL QUICK SAVE MODE, now that is a brilliant game changer and it really made my game a lot more enjoyable, just dont drop it by accident… that is a problem lol. I installed a few other mods after that but nothing too heavy, just backpacks and key lockers.

So yea, still playing in survival and enjoying it so far, but its no longer a vanilla game im playing. I just got back into the game tonight, loaded my game, but it wasnt long before I opened a door to go inside a building that I got stuck on a loading screen… and I was thinking, what a PAIN in the butt it would have been to play this entirely vanilla survival, this would be a MASSIVE turn down! Like, just to make it bearable, you would constantly have to be sleeping… "hell yeah I almost have you Kellog! Just let me run out to the nearest bed before we meet I really gotta take a nap… NO no no! just stay right there, ill be back soon." That should be called survival sleep mode. I mean FFS, I just want it so my char gets hungry and tired and thirsty, like a normal person you know. In skyrim I used to make my char eat, but that didnt really have a point… then I became a vampire and it all made sense. And like, bethesda puts the features that adds the most sense of immersion in the one place that magnify all their game breaking bugs by a 100%. It should have been in all game modes except maybe easy mode.

Anyways, im pretty sure no one plays survival without a single mod. But if you do or if you did in the past, what was your experience with it? Did you think it was playable or did you think it was mercilessly broken?

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