It finally happened.

fallout 2 - It finally happened.

Spent all day today preparing. Preparing for Armageddon. Judgement day.

To the bunker to get an alpha code location. Went and got the code. Back to bunker. Got code. Back to bunker. Until I had all 8. Back to the bunker to see what this weeks code word it. Wrote it down and unscrambled it. Then deciphered the code on paper. Got my nuke code. Time to go to work.

Went to site alpha. Started working my way in. First time Inside so I didn’t know what to expect. About half way in, two other guys show up. We work out way down and get to the bottom. We defeat wave after wave of robots. Then we defend the chiefs against wave after wave.

No more enemies. Nukes are ready. The moment of truth. The other two guys have failed to decipher their code and fail to input it correctly and waste their nuke keycard.

Luckily for me, I still have mine. I input it and get the green light. I pick Whitesprings at my target and hold my breath as I press fire. Nuke launches.


I fast travel to Whitesprings so I can be at ground zero of my own nuke. This is what I’ve been waiting for. To become a true Child of Atom.

1 minutes to go.

I open my map to get my bearing so I can be as close to ground zero as possible. I start sprinting toward the center.

45 seconds to go.

I open my map again to see how close I am to the center and adjust as needed. The game hangs and I hold my breath hoping that it would resume normally.

A couple seconds turns into a few seconds which turns into several seconds and my heart begins to sink.

Bam. Blue PlayStation screen as the game crashes.

I love this game and will continue to play it for many months to become. But today, I nearly threw my controller in rage.

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