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It is BEYOND okay that assets and animations are being reused in Fo76

fallout 6 - It is BEYOND okay that assets and animations are being reused in Fo76

Two-thirds of the posts in the subreddit over the last week have been "Hey guys, did you notice that X THING is being reused from Fallout 4? LAZY GAME DESIGN FU*K BETHESDA"

In reality, it's important and essential to fallout 76 that assets are being reused. The point of fallout 76 is that it's a new experience built on an existing game, taking less work than a traditional Bethesda game. The way it accomplishes this is by reusing the majority of it's animations and assets from fallout 4, and yes, even skyrim. Sure, parts of the code have been literately copy-pasted, and that's OKAY. That's the reason why we got this game three years after fallout 4, not 5. That's the reason we're likely going to see Starfield in 1-3 years, not 5-7.


Bethesda didn't want to spend a disproportional amount of time and money on a project they (rightly) were worried fans would freak out about, even though it was an idea Bethesda really wanted to make. The game was made in this manner because they wanted to make this as an "extra" game, not something released in 10 years instead of fallout 5.

It's not a act of selling out or becoming just like EA, but the best way to make a game like this. This is a lovingly crafted answer to "I wish I could play Fallout with my friends", a sentiment a large portion of the fallout community has shared. Don't hate on this game for the flaws it shares with almost every game Bethesda has made, try and find the unique experiences it can provide for all of us.

Thanks for reading my wall of text, I hope to see you around West Virginia!

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