It would be nice if both NPCs and players had abilities and “moves” to make fights more unique & interesting.

fallout 6 - It would be nice if both NPCs and players had abilities and "moves" to make fights more unique & interesting.

..Especially since a whole bunch existed in previous fallouts

In Fallout 3 / New Vegas, ghouls could rip part of their guts to throw at the player if they were in unreachable locations, and glowing ones could do a radiation nova that was highly dangerous to humans and healed/revived nearby ghouls, it would be great if "boss" ghouls had this ability, and if glowing ghouls in general had a way to irradiate nearby enemies (kinda like how diseased enemies irradiate you when you're close, but stronger and more active)

In fallout 4, using a heavy attack while looking at an (human) enemy's feet would cause you to do an animation where you sweeped them off their feet, enemies could also do this to you and, importantly, your companions did it too, it would be cool if players and human npcs could do this aswell (maybe buff basher to allow a player to sweep an enemy off their feet if you weapon bash and deal damage at the same time)

Enemies like deathclaws could do special animations that made them really stand out, such as stabbing a human with their claws and throwing them like a ragdoll, and against power armor, they could pin you down for a time, it would be great if deathclaws (and other enemies) could get attacks like this, and maybe have perks to reduce how long an enemy can pin you (or prevent it entirely)

It would be nice if finishers could be re-introduced in a more intelligent way than skyrim & fallout 4 (because you could get in a situation where you'd get locked into a death animation from 50+% hp if their attack would've killed you), again, perks could be introduced to let you get buffs of sorts upon finishing an enemy, gain damage resist against nearby enemies if you finish an enemy, or increased damage for a time, or increased running speed for melee characters, etc etc, maybe also a perk to take reduced damage during finishers.

Here's some ideas that are more or less realistic based on the engine's capabilities and willingness to implement:

Radtoads could use their tongue to basically pull you to them

If ghouls could grapple you and you'd have to weapon bash them away (and make it so teammates can shoot them off)


Super mutants could sorta charge at you if they have a melee weapon (think nightkin from new vegas doing their charged attack from much further due to their fast running speed)

Scorchbeasts could swipe you away with their wings

Super mutants & raiders in power armor could shield their head with their arm if you shoot their head

Raiders in power armor could pain train you

Human npcs in general could use more varied items like stimpaks, stealthboys, etc

Super mutant dogs could gnaw your leg just like Dogmeat would do to your enemies in FO4

Deathclaws could scrape the ground to create dust so you can't see them too well (and wouldn't be able to vats them in it)

Blood eagles could use psychos and buffouts in combat, and they would have a chance to pull out a grenade and run at you when near death

Ticks could stick to your character and you'd have to jump / weapon bash to shake them off, or another player could shoot them off

Honeybeasts' bee swarms could obstruct your character's view

.. Etc etc etc, there would be a lot of potential to giving enemies and players more things to do in combat, which would add a bit of variety and most importantly give enemies more unique identities, right now, the main difference between a blood eagle and a super mutant is their DR, ER & choice of weapon, but the AI functionally uses all weapons the same way, get within optimal damage range for the weapon, shoot while stepping back, repeat until death.

And they could also tie some of those mechanics to perk cards, random example the bullet shield perk could make you immune to being grappled while shooting with heavy guns, exterminator could let you stomp insect creatures (like radroaches) or deal massively increased bash & melee damage to low health giant insects like radscorpions, bodyguard perk could make it so you take less damage from grapples & they don't last as long, etc etc.

Thoughts? Impossible for them to add in a multiplayer setting? Not willing to take the risk? Not worth the risk ? Would rather stick to the simple point & click style of fps?

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