It would be really cool if factions mattered. (Perhaps a small spoiler as well)

fallout 8 - It would be really cool if factions mattered. (Perhaps a small spoiler as well)

I wish factions, and faction choice had some kind of impact on the game. Even with vault 79 it doesn’t matter who you side with or if you screw them over in the end, you can still max rep with both, but all that does is let you buy more stuff.

I get trying to keep all the content open and I’m not saying that they shouldn’t do that. But it makes it so there’s no real choices in the game.

So here’s my suggestion, rather than locking off any content take a page from far harbors book and give some kind of perk based on the choices you’ve made. And add faction events/ camp items/ bonuses for all existing factions (even the dead ones for funzies)

Make them relatively small so you wouldn’t inherently base a character off of them, and they would come with a negative, but they could influence you to make decisions

The perks I’ve thought off the top of my head

The rebirth of currency: 5% discount on gold bullion plans, slight boost in reputation gain with all factions, -5% cap sales to vendors. Given if you split the gold between the factions.

Master of the heist: 5% faster rep growth with raiders -5% rep growth with settlers, 7% discount from crater vendors (including bullion) raider events give bonus treasury notes. Slightly easier intimidation checks. Given for siding and splitting the gold with raiders.

The tools to rebuild: same as above but with settlers and slightly easier charisma checks in diolauge.

Scrooge mcduck: 5% increase in daily bullion cap, slight loss of reputation growth speed with all factions. Given if you keep the gold.


The same could be done for who you side with in the BOS quest line

Champion of the old guard: armor degrades more slowly, but weapons degrade slightly faster.

Forging a new path: vice versa.

Lone wanderer: weapons and armor can both be repaired to a slightly higher condition (lets say 250), and cost less to repair but have a small chance for a critical failure maybe insta break, but more fun if a jam was added. Doesn’t effect durability, and can be fixed in the field under the repair option in pipboy but requires like 1 cloth or something. While it would make sense for it to require oil don’t make it a rare scrap.

If you’re in full regalia of your chosen faction amplify the boosts a little bit, or make reputation grow a little faster.

The dead factions don’t really have any choices associated at this time but it would still be cool if you could get a small bonus for having faction specific camp items earned from doing there faction related events. Like a deep mine clear out with a new boss for the fire breathers. And you earn bonus points being in fire-breather gear and having fire-breather items in your camp. But can still do the event in anything just get a slightly smaller reward.

I just think this would add a really fun level to the game where what I do actually maters even just to my toon.

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