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Items are disappearing from inventory/stash/equipped on characters. Inventory integrity is a core function yet this issue gets no apparent traction.

fallout 6 - Items are disappearing from inventory/stash/equipped on characters. Inventory integrity is a core function yet this issue gets no apparent traction.

Second post on this topic, refined based on further reading of other people's issues. There appear to be 3 causes for disappearing items on all 3 platforms:

1: Servers: Stability and the character/item save interval. Workaround: None, only BGS can solve.

2: UI. Inability to lock items leads to unintended dropping, trading, selling or scrapping. Workaround: Go slowly.

  1. UI. Rapidly scrapping or dropping items sometimes causes the UI to pull items from other tabs. No, really, it does. Workaround: Go slowly.

To date, one fix has been implemented: Mods no longer get scrapped. Good work but does not apply to the outlined scenarios.

But it hasn't happened to me, you say. Give it time. At ~ 550 hours I'v lost an average of 1 item every 82 hours. That's not counting unintentional scrapping which would pump those rookie numbers up. Just equipped gear or items I know are in inventory going missing, and the number should be 0. I've never played a game where this is an issue but here we are.

Still not convinced, think its a minor issue? Or maybe, just maybe the problem is me? I thought so to, once. Then I searched the forums. Plenty more where that came from.

2 months ago

Disappearing items from inventory

Ok so for background I’m a Level 51 and I just did the one quest where you got the Somerset Special .44 magnum. I received it and the lvl requirement was 45. I play for another hours or two and it just disappears from my inventory. It wasn’t in my stash. Any ideas?

1 month ago

Weapon vanished; any options?

The other day, I repaired it after it'd broken from use in the previous session, and when I was done it suddenly has an ammo capacity of 7 instead of 1. Obviously a huge deal for this kind of weapon. I fast travel somewhere, and the item's just gone. The game must've decided it was invalid, but I didn't do a thing. No duping, no buying from another player, nothing.

10 days ago

All Rise vanished after the update

My All Rise seems to have vanished from my inventory since today's update (PS4) anyone else had this issue?

29 days ago

Gear Vanished Upon Disconnect

To be extra clear; I was not trading, dropping, stashing, swapping, or teamed; not even looking at inventory. The gear in question had been equipped for days. I'm rolling along – Disconnect – Reconnect – Piece of gear is just gone gone gone Has anyone else had this?

1 month ago

Why Has My Adrenal Reaction Recipe VANISHED?

I didn't learn it. I didn't drop it. I didn't sell it. It's gone. If I can't reliably save items for when I need them, especially something like this, then fuck this game. I've sunk over 500 hours into this game and this is what I get?

2 months ago

My best weapon (legendary) just VANISHED

I have my nicest weapon equipped (explosive gauss rifle, fully upgradde, spend all my materials and caps for 2 days to learn all mods until i finally got the supressor) …you can see the weapon equipped thx to the ammo display. i go into perks to change some cards, i ESC out of it when i am done… WEAPON GONE. i didn't notice right away, but you can see in the ammo display that i have nothing equipped.

2 months ago

So my main weapon just vanished out of my inventory

So I look in my inventory, check the weapon durability and decide not to repair it. Fast travel to another location and I notice it's missing in the favorite wheel. Check my inventory -> nothing. Fast travel back to my camp in case I accidentally dropped it? Nothing.

1 day ago

My Stash…is gone.

My stash is gone. Just like vanished. I have a ticket into Bethesda, but after weeks of scrapping and sorting and saving, having this glitch erase was a bit much.

6 days ago

Items disappearing out of inventory?

Walking along, not in combat, not looting, just traveling. Suddenly I go overweight. I check my inventory and notice that my carry capacity has reduced. Check my food buff – it's still up. Then I notice that my pocketed combat arms have just vanished.

1 month ago

Named Legendary weapon disappeared for the 2nd time!

First my perfect storm disappeared, but I brushed it off saying I must have dropped it or sold it but today during the surface to air event my daisy cutter vanished. I had it before the event. But it was gone after. Wtf Bethesda.

1 month ago

Thanks to a server disconnect, I lost my legendary Grognak Axe

It just fucking vanished, so mad right now

2 months ago

Gut-wrenching horror of losing your best gun


I moved on to a different area, and all of a sudden I got a legendary loot pop up, and my handmade vanished from my hands. I went to the favorite wheel, gone. The inventory screen, gone. My heart sank. It would take weeks for me to be able to get another. Then, I had the thought to go back to the mobs that were the only option for a legendary drop. To my relief, there she was, sitting in the belly of a bloated beast. Thank the stars…

2 months ago

Strange bug that deletes all edibles

Back in camp I realized, that all soups from my stash vanished (around 40). It was then, when I realized, that ALL my edibles were gone. Canned food, cooked dishes, instapuree, salisbury steaks…everything. All I got left was chems and water. I did not use them as I just made a resource run prior to the bug and had plenty of everything. Don’t know what happened, there was no fix, it is still gone

1 month ago

My armor is disappearing

I've now had two 3 star legendary combat armor chest pieces vanish from my character in the last 2 days, and frankly I'm god damn furious. I didn't drop it, I didn't get trade scammed (I simply don't trade). It vanished, the last one was unequipped when I logged on just now, and nowhere to be seen.

2 months ago

Lost my Eye of Ra, anyway to get it back?

When I fast traveled, I noticed I was naked, looking in my inventory, most of my apparel had just vanished. Not a huge deal until I noticed my Eye of Ra was gone, I had literally just finished the quest and was about to be level 25, when suddenly it's gone and I can find no way to remake it or recover the item.

2 months ago

Anyone elses items just go away?

So far ive played FO76 for little over 78 hours, occasionally the game will just remove things from my inventory. Usually its nothing big, its just some lame armor typically. Today though, I logged on and my All Rise is just gone, my favorite weapon just vanished. Has this happened to anyone else, if so did you ever manager to get your items back?

1 month ago

Missing Items After Infinite Load Screens

I got stuck in an infinite load screen twice tonight, once after a Quit to Main Menu/Relog and once on a fast travel to my camp. I forcequit the game each time. After logging back in the first time, I noticed I was missing a stack of Carrot Flowers. The second time I was missing a stack of Brain Fungus. The first thing I checked was for spoiled items, but nope, just vanished from my inventory. I also double checked that they weren't invisible by dropping all my aid and unequiping Thru-Hiker to see if my weight increased. At least they're gone gone and not phantom
weight - Items are disappearing from inventory/stash/equipped on characters. Inventory integrity is a core function yet this issue gets no apparent traction.

weight.In the grand scheme of things, losing those items isn't a big deal, but it seems like an odd bug.

1 month ago

I never even got the chance to say goodbye!

TLDR; my Furious Explosive Combat Rifle vanished from my inventory after being disconnected moments away from finishing Uranium Fever. It was a found weapon, too. Didn't buy it or trade for it, looted it. Welp…guess I don't have to worry about crafting .45 for a while…

18 days ago

Weapons randomly disappear

I lost another weapon just now. I had a lever action equipped and for some reason, it wasn't in my hotkey, so I reassigned it and fast traveled. Next thing I know after loading I was holding a different weapon and my level action disappear. This is the second time my favorite weapon goes missing. The first time was a TS lever and now a Bloodied lever. It is very disheartening.

8 days ago


Yet for the 4th time I have had an item i had spent so long traversing the wasteland to find, simply removed from my character (WHILE BEING WORN) and have it no where to be found. Not on the ground, any near by places you may have been to recently or your stash. Completely just gone. Has this happened to anyone else?

1 day ago

Suppressors Grognak Aze Disappear

I know the game has many bugs, so I try not to complain. But when you kill a level 96 legendary deathclaw (after running after it for ages) and it drops an awesome "Suppressors Grognak Axe", you are all happy and look at it in the pitboy…… then suddenly see it disappear!!!!!!!

22 days ago

Am I the only one who has had stuff disappear from inventory?

Have had legendaries that I know I didn’t get rid of but can’t find. Does this happen to other people? Is Bethesda aware? Is there someway to drop things and not be aware that you dropped them?

25 days ago

Anyone else's weapons just disappear?

I had a TSE Gauss Rifle for a long ass time. When I go down into site alpha, my gun disappears. I check my inventory, favorites, in the elevator, outside the site, etc. Closed the game, reloaded, and now it's still not there..

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  • Reply
    Nov 03, 2020 11:08 am

    all my inventory on my account on one character is gone after I logged in today. all tabs with nothing in them for the items my character was using at the time. everything else nothing in the tabs..

  • Reply
    levi buck
    Nov 24, 2020 3:27 pm

    all my gear on me and in my stash box is gone, and i come back to having somehting like 16k large holiday boxes in my inventoy/stash box. anyone able to help me understand this?

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