It’s been a long road… but I’ve finally got the Platinum Trophy for Fallout 76. (Figured I’d share the story of my Adventure.)

fallout 76 discussion and inform - It's been a long road... but I've finally got the Platinum Trophy for Fallout 76. (Figured I'd share the story of my Adventure.)


Been a long glitchy road… but a road I'm glad to have gotten the chance to walk. Last trophy I had to get was ground zero, so I ran through Alpha this morning after getting 50 terminals hacked and dropped a nuke and fast traveled to the center. Level 235, over 1000+ Hours later and I've had so much fun with this game over the past year. I'd like to share my story of 76 so far to celebrate becoming part of the 0.8% to platinum the game on PS4.

Now I didn't play Fallout 76 for the first couple months it was live, and honestly I regret that. I let a bunch of Youtubers convince me this game was worse than No Man's Sky, and honestly I wish I had played it sooner. I started on the last day of Fasnacht last year with my brother one night after Overwatch pissed me off beyond belief. Me and my brother wandered around the area around Vault 76, just picking stuff up and adventuring around and having fun, furthest we got was Flatwoods and we did the first quest there to test the water. Eventually after a few hours my brother got off and I kept wandering around. (He said "Yeah you watch… next time I get on you'll be like level 19 since you kept playing without me." …I was Level 30 next I saw him.)

Eventually made my way to Helvetia which was in the middle of the Fasnacht event. For my first day in 76, it was amazing. Balloons, colorful stuff everywhere, tons of players all wearing cool looking outfits and Fasnacht masks. It was a pretty cool introduction to 76. I liked Fasnacht so much that I built my house behind the Helvetia Post Office, literally close enough the scorched on the second floor would shoot at my house from the Windows. At the time it was just a 1 by 2 shack, pretty much big enough for my bed a stash box and a chair. (1000+ Hours later that little shack has evolved into a 3 by 3 house with a second floor bar, still there a year later after I built it. I never moved camps.)

The next day I got on Fasnacht was gone. I met another high level player there in Helvetia who was there for Fasnacht but he missed it. He offered to help level me up so I took him up on his offer, he took me to Watoga to level up, I'd tag them and then he'd bag em and I'd get the XP, I made it from level 9 to 15 before we had to get off. Got on the next day to realize… I'm still in Watoga, in the Cranberry Bog, the Endgame area of 76. The high level player unintentionally left me there and I was on my own. Now looking back there was several ways I could have gotten home to Helvetia, but being very new to the game I didn't know better… I was basically stuck. Didn't have enough money to fast travel out. (Probably could have sold something at the train station vendor but hindsight's 20/20…)


So wandering around its very aparant that I should not be here, level 50 robots in Watoga, level 64 scorched in the bog… all the protectrons shooting at me at once would melt my health. So I quickly adapted. I made leather armor at a bench nearby because I remembered leather armor is good against energy attacks. That let me stand up to their volley of laser fire long enough to plink one bot to death and run. Eventually I made it to level 20 doing this but then I got confident and decided to head out in a bog, happened across the BOS camp with the anti air turret, which I learned I could repair. Then I saw it for the first time ever… a Scorched Beast. It was terrifying, just a really big enemy I couldn't outrun and my bullets were doing next to nothing, it killed me a few times as I ran back to try and get my junk. Then I noticed the turret shooting at the beast and doing decent damage to it, So I had a plan to keep the turret repaired long enough to kill the beast. I defended the turret from the beasts minions, oddly enough there was only one really high leveled scorched there, the rest I could take. (Thank God that high leveled scorched was Melee or I would have died a lot more… that was a fun fight running from him while fixing the turret.) Eventually the Beast died and I killed the only high level minion left, it was a pretty great triumph I thought, then I had an idea… the next day I was shooting at scorched beasts and luring them to the turret so it could kill them and I get the XP. At one point I had 3 of them at once. (This wasn't a fool proof plan mind you, I died… A LOT. Ran a lot too, it was definitely full of trial and error… lots and lots of error.)

I did this for a few more days bouncing back and fourth between robots and scorched beasts, I was somewhere between 25 and 30 when I finally decided to walk home to Helvetia to the bog, I was overencumbered so it was a LONG scary walk back home… I remember I was so happy to see Helvetia after 3 IRL days away from it, I didn't leave the forest for a month.

After that I kinda wandered around, completely got side tracked and didn't do the story mind you. (I just did the story a month ago… I got VERY side tracked.) Nothing much of noteworthy happened then, throughout the year I just did random stuff, events, leveled up, didn't really have a build till level 90 and I became a Heavy weapons build because I found a two shot, faster fire rate, 250dt while reloading gatling gun, killed 3 scorched beasts at once with it at whitesprings, that was probably my first real triumphant victory against the SBs. Made it to level 130 and switched from a heavy weapon build to a sneak riflemen build because I found a TSE Handmade Rifle in a store, met a few groups of people to adventure with for months, made new friends, lost some new friends along the way… kinda quit after meat cook and started again at new years, then I finally decided to do the story at level 200… And that's where I'm at now a year later.

Yes this game was aggravating at times, way too many bugs to count, and frankly… it's a big ol' piece of sh*t. But you know what? It's a big ol' POS I don't regret playing. I'm glad to have experienced this game and glad to have met the people I did while playing it. If you'd ask me if I'd do it all over again, the answer would be yes.

Thanks for reading this needlessly long story, Looking forward to Wastelanders soon so I can continue playing this amazing game.

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