It’s been nice knowing you all

fallout 6 - It's been nice knowing you all

You've been a great community, even though I really haven't posted, I've read many of the threads. You all convinced me to get this game, despite some of it's flaws for the many things it does well. I've been eagerly awaiting these updates all with you and had been waiting till the weekend to join the parade.

Now it looks like I never will. Today in broad daylight while I was at college and my wife was out of the house briefly, my home was robbed. Among the things taken, my Xbox one and games were among them, fallout 76 in the Xbox. Hadn't even had the game a month.

One neighbor did see someone around the house and there was another nearby robbery that happened with a person in the house, but they don't have any leads and haven't found anyone. I'm not optimistic about getting my stuff back. And on top of the stuff they took, they absolutely trashed the house and I have a door frame to replace, and a safe they managed to break open too, but took nothing from, just dumped it out.

I am glad that they left what they did, and didn't hurt any of our pets. But I'm not sure if I will be able to replace my xbox and games anytime soon, and just wanted to share and talk about it with someone, as this seems to be a strong small community, that's generally positive and I could use that right now.

Tl;Dr: got robbed, no game

Edit: and even though I had my laptop with me, it's nothing good enough to game on. Can squeak out original Halo and flash games and that's about it. It's an I3 from 2011 with integrated graphics, though upgraded ram to 8gigs for some qol. So nothing to game anything new.


Edit2: By popular demand, I will post my wife's PayPal email. This wasnt the intent of the post, but if you feel so generous and motivated to send us a little something, it will be appreciated and anything helps. [email protected]

Among the things we've found missing: medication .22 revolver that was my mother in law's Wife's wedding rings, silver with opal. It was nenya from lotr with a tracer band. Not the movie version, but the book version. Sells for 162. 4 monster energy drinks that were in the fridge. My Xbox, and the extra controller that I won from the sea of theives chips ahoy giveaway contest Games including: fallout 76, fallout 4, state of decay 2 Ultimate edition, assassins Creed the ezio collection, Halo wars 2, alien isolation, Dishonored the death of the outsider, Dishonored 2, dishonored the definitive collection, prey, mad Max fury road, Lego Jurassic Park, and that's all I can remember right now. Most of these games I haven't played due to time constraints from college, but was looking forward to gaming the summer away with an internship. The only Xbox one games left are the Witcher 3 complete edition, stardew valley, and Bioshock the collection as they were sitting in a stack of 360 games. They left the 360 and Wii stuff alone, which I am thankful for.

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