It’s kind of embarrassing how badly the story of this game is going over the collective heads of this subreddit.

fallout 3 - It's kind of embarrassing how badly the story of this game is going over the collective heads of this subreddit.

I normally just lurk on gaming subreddits, but I can only scroll through so many "why are we launching nukes if we're supposed to be rebuilding america bethesda?!1?" or "why haven't we rebuilt america within the first month of the game when the game trailer clearly states we are rebuilding this country when all I can build is a shack?!" before feeling compelled to post my own thoughts.

  1. On the topic of why we are launching nukes:

I don't know how many of us here on r/fo76 actually paid attention to the story leading up to launching our first nukes, but if you paid any attention to even *just* the cranberry bog's segment of it, we are given evidence every direction we look that civilization absolutely stands no chance of surviving so long as the scorched and scorchbeasts are around. The scorched ruined the Responders in the Forest, the scorched ruined the Firebreathers in the Ash Heap, the scorched ruined the raiders in the Divide, the Scorched ruined the Free Staters in the Mire, and finally, the Scorched *decimated* the Brotherhood of Flippin' Steel in the Cranberry Bog. Most evidently, however, are the holotapes of our own overseer telling us directly "Appalachia stands no chance of surviving so long as the scorched live".

Every bit of lore we got as to why some society fell was linked to the Scorched. We spend our story learning where they are coming from, or how to stop them, or what makes them so powerful, and at the end of the story, we find out "oh look, it's because there's a fu*king Queen Scorchbeast that's nigh immortal and pumping out Scorchbeasts left and right". So, hopefully at this point in the story, the player thinks "Ok, so I may want to put rebuilding that cool town idea I had on hold until the flying incarnation of the apocalypse is stopped? Yeah, good idea."

This is where the nukes come in.

One may also think to him or herself how one may eradicate this scorchbeast threat where so many have failed before us. The Responders failed with their emergency services experience, the Firebreathers failed with their firefighting tactics, the Free Staters failed with their bunkers, scientists, and lures, and the Brotherhood failed with their seemingly endless supply of trained soldiers, arms, and technology. So where do us Vault Dwellers – America's Best and Brightest – stand a chance? Once we are given access to a nuclear warhead, we are given just the answer to our problem, and we gain the enclave's trust so we may use these warheads against the scorchbeast queen, to which us, the players, prove the final solution to the scorchbeast queen.

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Of course, this is the lore side of launching nukes. We, the player, can choose to send it anywhere we want because you know what? It's *fun*. Lore-wise however, at least one of us launches a warhead at the Scorchbeast queen, and 7 other Vault Dwellers join forces and defeat the Queen to save Appalachia.

This leads nicely into the other question:

  1. Why haven't we rebuilt America in a month yet like the trailer said we would?

Why haven't we rebuilt America within the first month of this game's lifespan, you ask? Well, I don't know how many people here have experience with games with ongoing stories such as WoW or ESO, but Fo76 is a game that will have an ongoing story in the coming years. The story will be told in content update "chapters" or "dlc" or whatever you want to call them, meaning that the launch patch of Fo76 is the very first chapter of the story that will take time to tell.

We just did the first chapter. The first chapter was based around defeating the Scorchbeast Queen to gain control of Appalachia back from the Scorched (At least for now). Complaining that we haven't built America back up again by now would be analogous to complaining that we didn't kill Arthas in the very first patch of Wrath of the Lich King.

Rebuilding America is an objective that will most likely be told and accomplished over the course of many chapters of this game's story and lifespan, but that does not mean that we will be doing it immediately because that is not the nature of this game's vision or structure. We, the characters, have also *just* picked up the C.A.M.P. and are still in the early stages of learning how it works, which may also tie in to future evolution of the system as we learn more about it from a story perspective.

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I hope somewhere in here I made the reader think a little bit differently about the two questions that seem to be coming up more and more around here. The constant complaining about bugs and features I can get through, but when I see several posts a day of people just blatantly ignoring the story and complaining that it doesn't make sense *despite them not paying attention to it*, I feel compelled to speak up.

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