I’ve just started playing my first Fallout game and I’m blown away by how engrossing it is

fallout 2 - I've just started playing my first Fallout game and I'm blown away by how engrossing it is

So I've been mostly playing Overwatch and Rocket League, but those have been getting very stale. I wanted to get absolutely lost in a world/setting like I did with Breath of the Wild last year. My buddy recommended Fallout to me. He knew I really liked Skyrim and said I should give it a shot. Don't know why I hadn't before. I guess I just never got around to it. Anyways I purchased Fallout 4 and I haven't been able to get away from my PC.


The depth and details of each town and area. The random little stuff you come across. It's so engaging and enthralling. I've only recently started making my way down south. I had earlier come across the General Atomics Galleria and didn't know how to get the supervisor card. So I'm traveling in Boston and come across the factory and find the ID under a clipboard. I know that's just a little thing but I was pretty tickled to find that and get to go present it to the director. Secret of Cabot House was a pretty amazing quest. All of the main quest lines so far have been great. Nick Valentine is such a fun character to roam around with.

I have heard a lot of hate for Fallout 76 so I won't be getting that one, but you bet your ass I'll pick up Fallout 3 and New Vegas when I'm done with 4. I feel like a little kid playing this game. It's like reading a really good book.

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