I’ve lost what little sympathy I had for people complaining about Explosive Baiters & This Parade Event in general.

fallout 4 - I've lost what little sympathy I had for people complaining about Explosive Baiters & This Parade Event in general.

I just finished playing. Was the first at the Fast'snatch event, found 4 of the 5 robots, got the last 5 steins, all the wax, the remaining wood. By the time the parade started, there were a dozen or so players jumping around but just myself and another guy doing the work.

Took out the toads, took out the super mutants, and by this time there was only 1 Bot left. Past the buildings and turned to the church, then boom…. Down goes the last Bot and the event failed.

Then for whatever reason, I got several players bashing me and shooting at me like I was the culprit or something. Maybe cuz I'm stealth and they figured I was being sneaky or something. (that's what stealth is)

I mean, frig. I felt I did most of the work and was there at the event longer than everybody else, yet I wasn't losing my shit like others and picking a target to vent my anger at. It was over, big deal…. I didn't engage these players, I just left.

The event will be back in an hour anyways.

I don't get why people are getting so frigging upset that they got to pick someone out of the crowd and start attacking them.

For what? A 1 star legendary drop and some random hat/mask you'll never wear?

After that experience, I'm not angry or upset about the baiter ruining the event, but I also have zero sympathy for people tossing their gamepad and smashing their keyboards over this.

So you lost what? 10 mins of gameplay? There's piles of other events with better rewards on the map. Most of them can't get ruined by others.

Jeez, people complaining about bait.

People complaining about PAs blocking the Bot paths.

People complaining about nuke drops.


People complaining about AFK players not pulling their weight and farming for hats/masks while taking up server slots for others who actually want to play.

Then you got AFK players complaining someone pushed their character out of the church and found their character was running into a wall out in Watoga when they got back several hours later.

You got people complaining others are one shotting the sloth or killing them too quickly before that can land a hit.

People complaining other events lose out on players because everybody flocks to Fast'snatch.

People complaining the mask drops aren't good enough.

People complaining the 1 star rewards are garbage.

This entire event is one great big complain'fest, one has to wonder why or how anybody actually enjoys this event or why even bother with it if it has so many people raging and complaining over almost every aspect of it.

I think this is the third time the event launched since I got the game and every single time it's the same complaints and the same issues.

I'm just staying clear of it for now on and do other things in the game. Before if the event was won, big deal. If it failed, big deal.

But the way some players are acting over this event, man I dunno. It's like a toxic relationship. People need to get a frigging grip.

That's my two cents. I suspect it will get downvoted, but that's perfectly fine. If others can come in here and rage on about the same things over and over again like it'll change anything, then I can throw my thoughts into the mix too.

Carry on.

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