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I’ve put over 150+ hours into Fallout 76, this is why I’m quitting.

fallout 1 - I’ve put over 150+ hours into Fallout 76, this is why I’m quitting.

Let me bring you through the last experience I will ever have with this game.

I was collecting raw flux, a rare, high level plant that is only available in nuke blasts. I did the hard work collecting all the raw flux in Whitesprings where the nuke was dropped and I finally had the materials to craft one of each stable flux, an in game item so valuable people have paid 1,000 caps for one stable flux. I had enough materials for five. I finally made it back to my camp, also in Whitesprings, and headed over to the chemistry station.

Bug 1: I press craft, and get a bug where it shows your character interacting with the station but the crafting menu doesn’t pop up. Okay, fine, I do this a couple more times, still the menu doesn’t pop up and it kicks me back into control of my character. But on my fourth attempt of crafting…

Bug 2: The game stutters, and I am kicked out to the all-too familiar Xbox home screen. I log back in, sad to see I’ve lost the nuke. But…

Bug 3: I’ve also lost my camp, right in front of me before I crashed, now mysteriously gone. At this point I’m also heavily encumbered. The glitch that I use to counter 76’s issue of not big enough stash space is now, of course, not working. I place down my CAMP, go into my blueprints…

Bug 4:, and realize I have 3 of the same thing. I get my blueprint, move the location to make my CAMP green, press A, and finally….

Bug 5: Nothing happens. I press A again. The green camp stays green, not built. I move it around, try a few different orientations and repeat, no luck. I wait for two minutes in case input delay. Still all green blueprint CAMP. I try with the other two blueprints. Still. Nothing.

This is where I start getting upset. I typically spend three to four hours on my CAMP because I take a lot of pride in having such a nice looking CAMP displaying all my stuff like pianos, Red Brick Walls, and rocket turrets. But time is of the essence since the flux is starting to spoil and I’ve used my full budget on my base, so I disassemble the blueprint, scroll down to select the chemistry station. I go to place it and…

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Bug 6: It’s, I kid you not, floating about five feet up in the air. No matter how I change my view, the chemistry station stays up five feet up. Now that I look at all my other items, they’re all floating five feet up in the air (except foundation).

So I hobble my encumbered ass for 15 minutes around the perimeter of Whitesprings to find a suitable spot, hoping that glitch only occurred in that location. It’s going to cost me 33 caps to move my CAMP what would take about 3-5 caps to fast travel to. I place my CAMP down…

Bug 7: and watch in horror that not 33 caps, but 141 caps drain from my wallet from moving behind Whitesprings resorts to in front of Whitesprings resort. But at least I can place my chemistry station and get my precious, stable flux, right?

Bug 6: Wrong. The chemistry station is still floating. I exit out, attempt to do this on two other servers. No luck. Out of patience, out of stimpacks and rad-away, and now out of time as my flux that I’ve been playing for 20+ hours to obtain, has spoiled.

I shut off my game to reflect on what just happened, but here’s the kicker. I encounter these bugs individually at least once, if not more, every day I play. Seeing these bugs laid out consecutively with such high stakes has shown me just how serious these bugs are, and yet somehow Bethesda thinks this game passes beta and is acceptable for a full launch.

Bethesda, I really hope you feel embarrassed and ashamed for taking such a beautiful concept and ruining it with this buggy, last minute money-grab. The gameplay is so much fun, but its impossible to play when the biggest enemy you face in the game is the game itself.

TL;DR: Had 5,000 caps worth of rare resources I couldn’t stash because the game went through a series of unfortunate bugs.

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    Timothy Esser
    Dec 31, 2018 11:00 am

    That Flux sells for less then 50 caps each, why did you bloat the price to make it sound bad?

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