I’ve spent the past week donating my supplies

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I've spent the past week donating my supplies, but not to the brotherhood of steel, in fact as long time supporter of the BoS I felt slightly insulted as I'm sure many other people did by the calibre of their rewards.

Instead, just before the release of patch 21 I set my own goal, a goal to help the people of Appalachia that where in need. So for the past week I have been travelling the wasteland doing just that, seeking out under level 50's that may be in need of a little help. Everything from dropping Stimpaks/Radaways to giving away some of my best weapons, even buying up every mutation or plan they wanted for a select few players that showed they had a clear passion for the game. I love Fallout and as terrible as I think this game has been managed I still want to see the players enjoy it, I want to see players stick around, I want to see the excitement in those players that I once saw when I first stepped into the Fallout universe.

Approximately 75,000 caps, 800 Stimpaks and and 300 stash weight later I feel absolutely no regret, yes I could have done other things with those resources but it can never replace the feeling of experiencing a world for the first time. Even with basic emotes it was always amazing to see players reactions. Never have digital reactions ever brought me such joy.


I'd like to preface this section by stating I have numerous mental health issues.

I came to this decision after making the choice I was going to kill myself, I got drunk and I sliced my own throat, thankfully it wasn't deep enough to cause any severe harm. After surviving the attempt I decided I needed to make a change in my life and to the choices I act upon but I didn't know how, one of the things I decided on almost immediately was I'd be much happier if I made others happier and thus, an application of the previously detailed events ensues.


I fucking loved it, don't get me wrong, I still suffer from my inflictions however this game has made things so much easier. Gaming is pretty much my only hobby as of late and even so I struggle to find games that I enjoy, Now this isn't really a game I enjoy, as a long time fan, it's actually kind of a shit show. Now what isn't a shit show is the interactions between players, now I know there's many things the Devs could have done better but fuck me did they do a good job with the public teams system. It is single handedly the best content this game has had added to it since launch. Bonus XP, meeting friends and simply just free fast travel if that's what you're after, it has it all and it's given me a new appreciation of those around me and how I interact with them.

I'm not sure what the point behind this post is, but I think a big part of it is just to say thank you. Thank you to all of you who directly in game and indirectly through this sub-reddit managed to change my perception on life and managed to actually make me do some good and see the world in a positive light for a change. I know there are a lot of people out there like me. People that wish they could change and just need a push in the right direction.

To those people all I can say is Just get out there, it's rough, the world is shit and it'll never be perfect, but this community is fucking gold. Take advantage of that and improve yourself, no matter how impossible it seems at times, things can get better.

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