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I do a LOT of ammo crafting, so I go through a metric ass-ton of steel and lead. And plastic to bulk-wrap and keep my stash weight down. It's a pain sometimes to go gather it all, even after I have narrowed junk runs down to the best and fastest possible methods. Today, while preparing to fast travel near Arktos Pharma I saw a reasonably high bounty just a few caps distance away at the Charelston Landfill. I got there to see this LVL 105 griefing the hell out of a lvl 8 player who I guess had tried to use the workshop there until Mr. Bounty came along and started trolling him. Well, I one-shot the bounty player from stealth and used my Chameleon armor to hide atop a trailer near the workbench and started claiming the shop for myself (the low-level guy logged out before I could even talk to him. Guess he thought I was another scary griefer). I then waited to see if my victim would return for vengeance. Curiously enough, he just grabbed his dropped loot, which I hadn't bothered to pick up, and then sat outside the workshop boundary doing nothing. I got curious. I thought he was just waiting for me to leave to stealth-reclaim the workshop, so I thought if I just sat there and waited for him to try it my patience would be rewarded with another 105 caps for free from Mr. Griefer and a lesson taught. But he was a crafty one. Eventually, he walked into the landfill, looted all the resource extractors, and then walked off to the edge of the workshop to wait for them to generate more goodies again. Since I hadn't locked them, he figured he would just take the junk without me being able to know or stop him. He repeated this action once more and walked off to wait again when I got a fiendish idea…Only one fusion generator was powering all the extractors. I had workshop control. So I slipped over to the generator and deleted it. Upon his next return, Mr. Griefer angrily noticed none of the extractors had produced any more resources, and eventually figured out that the generator was gone. And I guess assumed that I had left the server. He attempted to claim the workshop to build a new generator, and I instantly deleted him with another one-shot to the dome. This time I zipped over to collect his junk just to send a message, and then…I saw it:


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This guy had been carrying nearly 1k steel! As well as a nice chunk of lead scrap and other rare resources! Gold and silver to sell! ballistic fiber and fiber optics! Springs, screws and gears! Plastic for bulk-wrapping! He was LOADED. It will be a while before I need to go scrapping for stuff to make ammo or repair my armor again. I did the smart thing and immediately stored it in my stash box, and MR. Griefer rage quit.

Thanks for the stuff, guy! lol

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