Join the Brotherhood of Steel Appalachian Chapter Today and help make a difference in the wastes!! 💪🤝

fallout 5 - Join the Brotherhood of Steel Appalachian Chapter Today and help make a difference in the wastes!! 💪🤝

—BEGIN TRANSMISSION— Attention Wastelanders, this is Elder Luscious with the Brotherhood of Steel: Appalachian Chapter. We're looking for some fresh blood to fill our ranks after driving back and defeating the Scorched menace. Our Scribes have been hard at work rebuilding our radio network to reconnect with the Brotherhood in the West and have heard chatter of new settlers and threats coming to Appalachia. We need your help. AD VICTORIAM! —END TRANSMISSION— Defiance has not fallen! We are the Brotherhood of Steel: Appalachian Chapter and we are looking for new recruits as settlers and raiders are poised to return en masse to Appalachia. We… – are the oldest and longest-running BoS player faction in Fallout 76, having been around since BETA – are an aged 18+ player faction only, no minors please – are an inclusive, welcoming, and friendly community with a well-defined Code of Conduct expected to be upheld by all members – have an active and dedicated PS4-only playerbase of 100+ members eager to squad up and patrol Appalachia – have a rank system geared towards three different paths and play-styles: Knights, Lancers, and Scribes – appeal to higher level, dedicated players who have reached max-rank in their path with difficult and challenging Paladin Missions focusing on leadership and service – use a unique Faction Point system to give our Brothers and Sisters in Appalachia impetus to climb the ranks and protect the Wasteland, tracked through an online tracking program to give our members quick access to their hard-earned glory – provide our members with Bounty Board rewards for killing beasts, cryptids, monsters, and more – run customized bi-weekly missions that build upon the lore of Fallout 76 and our Chapter, proving new challenges throughout West Virginia – have a robust Quartermaster system, offering discounts and keeping our Brothers and Sisters well-armed and ready to reclaim Appalachia – are focused on fulfilling the mission statement of Fallout 3’s Lyon’s Pride, in that we want to be a force for good in the Appalachian Wasteland – fight back against Raiders and Griefers of all sorts, helping other players defend their workshops against those nefarious player groups – coordinate with other player factions for events, including a recent friendly PVP match with the Enclave in Abandoned Bog Town If you’re willing to join the fight and ascend the ranks to bring peace back to Appalachia, then the Brotherhood of Steel: Appalachian Chapter is for you! You’ve seen the rest, now join up with the best! Accept no imitations! DM me for more details on how to join the fight, including a link to our Chapter’s Discord. AD VICTORIAM!


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