Just a funny stupid “pvp” situation that happened today with lower level.

fallout 2 - Just a funny stupid “pvp” situation that happened today with lower level.

So to try to keep this short I almost NEVER pvp! I keep on passive mode 100% of the time and I always stay in adventure mode. It’s not that I’m afraid necessarily it’s just that’s it’s not for me. I like to help people not kill them. So today as soon as I log in and a level 25 (my main is 140 something) sends me a team invite. I of coarse accept and they fast travel to my camp just above WS in the hills. I try to craft them some stuff etc. but I needed wood. I had my mic on so I gave him the old, “ follow me and tag the enemies and I’ll kill them for You” routine. Nbd. He gets killed by level 62 ghoul nbd again. As I protected his junk I heard a super sledge thumping repeatedly. I thought wtf I know I cleared these ghouls, so I checked the map. He was at the top of the stairs in front with another player. So I run up to see the fuss and this guy (level 72 or so) is thumping him with his super sledge. So I’m like, (to my new team mate) that guys weird get away from him. And he does. The guy proceeds to run down the stairs and starts thumping me too. So then I say, whoa there bud lighten up this is a Young blood no need to be so hostile towards him… he continues to follow us and hits us with his sledge. Mind you he was in PA and was missing an arm, (which seemed janky for someone trying to pvp) so I said finally, “ dude… you REALLY want to do this!? Just leave us alone we’re just farming” and he hit my teammate again. I had enough. I didn’t know this level 25 but for 5 minutes but I felt like he was my brother. So I switched off pacifist mode and literally one shotted this guy. At this point I’m cracking up with my 10 year old son, who happen to just walk in the room to witness this, and it dawned on me… I wonder if he had junk…boy did he have junk! Like 59 aluminum, crystal, lead, a few hundred steel. Just to name a few. So I took it. HE WAS PISSED! So me and my son are laughing hysterically at this point and the dude is going crazy trying to engage me. I put pacifist mode back on and just kept spamming the heart emoji over and over. So did my team mate. I could tell he was really wanting his junk after he kept pursuing us as we left to the golf coarse so I dropped him a bag… 4 aluminum and a fertilizer! Lol! I then left the server! I know to most this is just a stupid story but I found it quite comical so I thought maybe I would share it. 🤷‍♂️

Read:  A while back I wrote up some exposition for a Children of Atom mod that I never got around to, if someone wants to use it here it is and I can write up more I just don’t have time to mess around with mods at the moment.

TL:DR guy try’s to grief a level 25 for kicks and gets blown away and has his junk taken. “Scammer got scammed” as my 10 yo son so adequately put it. (Maybe you tube reference idk)

EDIT: sorry for all the grammatical errors I wanted to jot this down while the memory was still fresh

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