Just another one of those “I love this community!” posts.

fallout 5 - Just another one of those "I love this community!" posts.

Y'all are just lovely people. An interaction I had with some players yesterday inspired me, and I wanted to share some of my favourite player interactions that I've had with the community.

Way back when FO76 first came out, I was a level 20-something getting absolutely slaughtered by a pack of charred ferals in Whitesprings, and I ran into a Level 150 in power armour with a minigun. He promptly dropped the pack of about eight ghouls, then gave me a bunch of stimpaks and radaways before fast-travelling away. It was the first of many kindnesses paid to me, and that small interaction made my day.

A few months after that encounter, I broke up with my partner and lost the XBox I was playing on. About three months ago, I got a reconditioned PS4 and decided to hit up Appalachia again – being a different console, I was forced to start again after not playing for a long while. So I emerge from Vault 76 as a fresh new Level 1 player, and another player at the front entrance just drops me a pistol, some stims, and a good 300 or so 10mm rounds, for absolutely no reason other than the fact I was brand new.

A week passes, and I'm now Level 10-ish. I'm running around Morgantown Airport, when another player roughly the same level as me waves me over and we clear the Scorched from the area. She gets on her mic and asks "Do you have a gamma gun?" "Afraid not, sorry." I respond. She then just drops this gamma gun and some rounds for it, and waves me off. Wouldn't even accept the stimpaks I dropped as a thank-you.


Fast forward a few more weeks, now Level 25-ish. Someone I didn't know invited me to their private team and I accepted, so I found myself in a three person team with two Level 200s. I continue doing my own thing and I take off to Dyers to clear the plant, but I vastly underestimated the sheer amount of robots and the skill required to take them down. A few minutes pass and I'm managing to hold my own; I've killed a couple, but I've used at least 15 stimpaks in the process, and with the healthbar of your teammates displayed in the corner of the screen (with mine fluctuating wildly with stimpak after stimpak), I'm sure these two strangers could tell I was struggling. All of a sudden, one of my teammates fast travels to me and starts gunning the robots down. The second teammate appears not long after and joins in the massacre (this time armed with a Fat Man of all things – that was a lot of fun). What would have taken me over 10 minutes to do, we cleared the area in about 3. They didn't need to help me out, I didn't know who they were and they certainly didn't know me, but they did it anyway.

Coming up to yesterday, I'm now at Level 65 and I've just spent the better part of two days building up my CAMP. Again. As I'm on the second floor of my little house, these two Level 250 and 300 players run through the door, wave at me, and explore. So, I run back upstairs to keep building, and the Level 250 calls me over and just gives me a full set of legendary armour. For no reason other than just to be nice.

There have been so many other smaller interactions that I've failed to mention here (especially since the new public teams!), but with every one of them, I've left feeling happier than before. I've played a lot of multiplayer games, but this is the first I've felt completely comfortable and at ease around other players. You all are the reason I'm still playing Fallout 76.

Just… thank you. Thanks for helping your fellow wastelanders.

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