Just beat Fallout 4 in Survival + Permadeath, and this is what I’ve learned

fallout 4 - Just beat Fallout 4 in Survival + Permadeath, and this is what I've learned

Not expecting a lot of interest in this, but I just wanted to do a mini tribute to my first "dead is dead" successful playthrough character and offer some tips to anyone foolish enough to give this a try.

As to why anyone would do this, playing this way can really raise the stakes, get your heart pumping and have you screaming at the screen like a madman. However, it can also be pretty addictive, make you stop enjoying the intended way to play and bring you down when your character dies and all your time goes to waste.

I've done a couple of tries before (say, maybe 5, always with a couple of months between try and try, cause it really burns you having to start all over) but I finally managed to pull it off this time and finished the main quest, DLC (which I went completely blind in) and most side quests of the game without dying once.

I was only in real danger a couple of times. The trick in my case was playing it safe, sneaking + sniping enemies in the early game, and later on adding vats-related perks for close encounters. When not in combat, vats-scouting every couple of seconds was key to not being ambushed.

As for stats and perks, my priority was to go for those that boost sneak attacks, sneaking perks so you don't have to worry about traps and mines, and maxing intelligence for that sweet xp. Once I had most of these covered, I started perking up Endurance.


The "feat" took me 130 hours of playtime with this character alone, 107 in-game days I ended up being level 106. Looking back to what I could've done better, caps and fusion cores don't really matter at all, so I would've saved all perks related to those. 90% of my time was spent in Power Armor, making heavy use of sprinting, vats and the jet-pack, and I finished the game with more than 100 fusion cores.

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If you intend to play survival in general, I recommend installing an auto-save mod, as the game has the tendency to crash at the worst possible times. I kept it mostly light in terms of mods. Shoutout to "Grow a Hair" and "More Where That Came From", two of my favorite mods ever.

And that's it! It was fun, but got a bit boring at the end when my character was almost invincible. I never let the guard down though, Marcy Long had it right: "Just when you think you're safe, you're not. That's how they always get ya!" Feel free to ask away if you have any questions 🙂

Some screenshots of my character, relaxing at home after the whole ordeal: https://imgur.com/a/y1Tox1M

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