Just finished replaying Fallout 4 and wanted to share some opinions and hear some discussion.

fallout 7 - Just finished replaying Fallout 4 and wanted to share some opinions and hear some discussion.

I've got a lot to say both positive and negative so bear with me here.

  • The gunners are the biggest disappointment in the entire game for me, they would have made an incredible faction that I'd love to join.

  • The main story is only good on paper. In execution it came off a little rushed and bland.

  • Kellogg is one of the greatest video game villains ever written and I love everything about him. I wish he played a bigger role past the memory den

  • Settlement building is a lot of fun and allows for more customization but I feel like it takes away space for potential "REAL" Settlements like Diamond City or Goodneighbor

  • I hate the ghoul redesign. Fallout 3/NV ghouls were the best

  • Nick Valentine is not just the best companion but one of the best characters in the series. Far harbor only makes him better

  • Far harbor is incredible! It has some of the best writing in the series with a creepy environment, a morally grey main plot that ties into the base game, an incredible cast, and some of the best side quests in the game.

  • the Silver Shroud, The Cabot Quest, and the vault with the robobrains are some of my favorite quests in the franchise

  • I'm not bothered by super mutants being in the game but there are WAAAY too many of them

  • Fallout 4's factions are somewhat vague but they are also some of the most morally grey and interesting in the series

  • Nuka World was a lot of fun for what it was. It allowed players to redo the story but as a raider

  • Redeye is the best radio host. He is the real deal

  • I wish Covenant and Atom Cats played a bigger role

  • Aside from some brief lore or Nuka World the game is nowhere near as dark as its predecessors. The bright colors and light environment make the Commonwealth feel like a playground instead of a wasteland

  • The Operators are one of my favorite factions in the series

  • Vault 81 is my favorite vault in the series

  • The lack of ending slides ruins the ending for me though. I like to see what impact I made on the story even if it was only a small one

  • Travis is okay but confident Travis sucks.

  • The BoS are at their most BoS in this game and Maxson was a great character. His intensity either makes you hate him or see him as a passionate and great leader.

  • Garvey is a good person and not nearly as bad as everyone says. His goons can go fuck themselves though

  • Shaun is an asshole and a bad leader. I like his design but that's it

  • The RR sucks. They just blow

  • Salem was a disappointment

  • The Glowing Sea was incredible and felt like it was what the Capital Wasteland was supposed to be

  • Automatron is a fun DLC. It's not the best but it doesn't suck either.

  • Vault 88 was fun too. Again, nothing special but I got a few laughs from it

  • I don't mind the voiced protagonist or the dialogue. A lot of it is really good/funny. I just wish we had more than 4 options and could actually see what we are choosing

  • Magnolia's songs are the best original songs in the series beating the old lady from 3 and the cowboy from NV

Overall it had a lot of potential but didn't always live up to it's expectations. BUT, when it did it was pure gold

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