Just had a mess of ideas for Fallout Comic Book runs

fallout 5 - Just had a mess of ideas for Fallout Comic Book runs

Sorry for the low effort post.

But yeah, I'm a pretty big fan of Fallout – I love the setting and it's characters. I bet most of you guys do too, since this is a Fallout subreddit.

I think you guys would probably also agree with me if I were to say that a Fallout comic book series would be pretty tight. It would let you get to see the proper scale of the setting in a manner that the technological constraints of a video game cannot, it would let you see the interaction between the characters flowing in a way more naturally than stilted, NPC dialogue, and so on and so forth.

I think about all that a lot and, apologies if this seems fanboy-ish, I've even thought out some storylines for different series-es that could be made if Bethesda were to ever make such a move. These include…

  • ENCLAVE CONTROL COMICS – In the sixth Fallout bible, Chris Avellone states that Sergeant Granite and the four other members of the Enclave Control Company hopped aboard the PMZ Valdez just as the Oil Rig began to explode, "whispered "Gawd-Damn" to themselves and threw suggestive glances at the women from Vault 13 and Arroyo", and made their way to Navarro upon reaching the mainland and led a life of adventure that could "fill several eras worth of pulp comics, including a recent reappearance in Keith Griffen's resurrection of Suicide Squad". The Name, Enclave Control Comics, could be abbreviated to EC Comics – the name of the company who created "Tales from the Crypt". Imagine a satire of Dime Westerns and old Adventure novels with the EC company as it's protagonists, Granite and his boys going through old ruins (with small secondary stories that are flashbacks to before the war – explained as one member or another reading terminals and diaries) or doing bounty-hunting and mercenary work.
  • BROUGHT TO YOU BY LITTLEHORN AND ASSOCIATES – Speaking of "Tales from the Crypt", howsabout an anthology series about low or no karma Wastelanders. Backstories for the Raiders of the Commonwealth and Capital Wasteland, the story of a Noble Regulator's moral absolutism leading to him doing evils, another about a gang of Bandits going from the frying pan to the fire while fleeing from the law, the rise and fall of Enclave war-criminals, and so on and so forth.
  • A MINUTE'S NOTICE – The tragedy of the Commonwealth Minutemen and the CPG. Preston and Clint working together as a good cop, bad cop duo straight out of a Buddy Cop movie and how they're partnership degrades until it's bitter end at Quincy, James Wire telling the story of the Minutemen's founding to a terminal in his quarters, Anecdotes about the many Generals of the Minutemen starting with the angry Settler who wanted to bring the fight to the Super-Mutants at Diamond City and ending at Preston Garvey, as he prepares to make his final stand at a Museum in Concord.
  • UNLIKELY VALENTINE – A Noir series about Nick Valentine, the Detective of Diamond City and his many, many cases; Chasing after a Diamond City ex-wife, her Paramour, and her ex-husband's rent money, racing agains the clock trying to find some Children who were kidnapped during the pilgrimage from the Great, Green Jewel to Goodneighbor, Avenging the town that first showed him kidness in the brave new world, and countless other similar cases.
  • WHEN IT'S GONE – The bloody mess that is Conrad Kellogg's long trek eastward, killing people good and bad for enough caps to get by and occasionally teaching people about how he always gets his pay, and then the story of him as a permanent asset to the Conspiracy beneath the CIT. It ends with a story about him in Nick's body, trying to take control, and Nick doing whatever he can to stop it.

Yeah, so there's the ideas. Tell me what you guys think, Shoot an idea of your own my way. I don't know why I made this post I was just kind of proud of the ideas hope you guys find them interesting.

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