Just Reached Overseer Rank 20 in Nuclear Winter. I’ve been having an absolute BLAST!

fallout 8 - Just Reached Overseer Rank 20 in Nuclear Winter. I’ve been having an absolute BLAST!

Plopawert – Overseer 20

Obligatory Warning: it’s a wall of text. Bonus! I’m on mobile so no fancy formatting. Please forgive me and still love me!

I was honestly excited about the mode when they announced it. I was initially curious as to how they might balance all the things that we have seen as unbalanced since 76 launched. In my opinion, it seems as though they have done a great job. No one gun / one build is the absolute meta. Server stability is a huge plus. The already great community is even better in this mode. Lots of friendly people that I have been paired with. Great sports and awesome attitudes.

Here are my criticisms as this is supposed to be a trial period and we are definitely needing to give feedback to Bethesda so they can continue improving it and making it better for all of us!

MATCHMAKING: As a less social player, I feel an addition of a solo queue only would be amazing. There is a type of thrill that comes from not knowing whether or not the player you have in your sights has backup around the corner. However, I believe everyone queuing up as teams of 1 would be a much more chaotic and “aggressive” mode. Maybe separate the 2 queues or cycle between them on a regular schedule (every week or so?). Don’t get me wrong, I love joining teams and meeting new players, but sometimes it just needs to be a free for all.

I’ve seen it posted here the last 2 days but for the sake of adding to the discussion and showing what we want, I think there definitely should be a way to re-queue into a new match from the existing one. Maybe it even doesn’t circumvent the main menu, but just being able to press one button and have the game move through all the motions just to get us back into a new game quicker, would be top notch!

STORYTELLING: The story of ZAX, the Vault Dwellers of 51, and our role to play is an exciting one. Unfortunately, it seems a little too stretched out. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting rank up and move through new laser doors with ease. Finding the tidbits of information in holo tapes and uncovering the mystery over time is seemingly an excellent way to tell the story. Having just now reached rank 20 I have uncovered a new area. It’s small and it had 1 holotape in it. Also, behind the rank 30 door, is a holotape that requires rank 46 (I think) to listen to. (You can access this area with Frog Legs. It’s the balcony above the stage.) It all just seems a little convoluted, and extended a bit far. TLDR: Great Story, Poor Execution (in terms of length to achieve)

Edit: I will say that we don’t know what is behind some of the “bigger” doors. We don’t know what comes at the end. I just personally feel like we won’t ultimately care if it takes too long to get there.

GAMEPLAY: The Perks, the loot, the enemies, the storm, the exploration, the balance… It’s all spectacular! It runs well, it feels good. Nothing is, as I said above, the end game armor/weapon to have. With some tactics and skill you can win even with some wood armor and a trusty 10mm.

I will say, melee players are at a huge disadvantage in this mode. It’s a gun game at the core, VATS or not.


The ONLY thing I don’t understand is the tie to your Adventure SPECIAL. I get that the character has a build, but it seems as though we are just one step away from leveling up our SPECIALS in NW and, for whatever reason, we didn’t make that step. I feel as though I should be able to tailor my SPECIAL to the NW mode without having to adjust my play style in Adventure or Survival. They are 2(3) very different play styles. Just my 2 cents there.

BUGS/GLITCHES: Haven’t encountered many except for one that was taken care of from this morning (Thanks, Bug Reporting!).. Reviving in Power Armor is still messy, but at least it’s something to be avoided. I’ve only actually had the server disconnect once in my many games and 2 “crashes to desktop (Xbox)” It’s been stable, there haven’t been cheaters, etc.


Find a way to bring melee players up to par with the rest of the gun wielders.

A better look at rewards. Easy. Give us a list. Scrollable in game or outside it even! I’d really love to see what I can acquire at rank 50, or 37, or whatever random rank I want. Gives us all something specific to set as a goal instead of a vague showcase of PA and Helmets.

More zones! This is also easy and it looks like it is already in the works (more below). Cycle monthly through the zones and maybe have specific reward for each zone? (That’s a very openended suggestion as I just had that thought).

Weekly leaderboards and lifetime stats! Wins, kills, NPCs kills, nuke launches, the works! I want to see everything I’ve done and I want to work to be on the top of some weekly leaderboard for bragging rights. Possibly a cosmetic to wear in game while you hold one of the top 3 spots? (Again more just spitballing and coming up with ideas on the spot!)

TIPS FOR RANKING UP/PERFORMING WELL: Figured I would include a bit about how I play and what I’ve done to maximize my time playing.

First, don’t be afraid to step into the storm at the beginning. There are a TON (I mean it) of the large cache crates out of the original circle. To the West of Sunshine Factory at the Power Station, you can find LOADS of cache boxes. The only trouble is getting to them and getting back before you die.

Second, for ranking up, it’s all about the survival time. If you’ve played other BRs this probably isn’t a surprise. You WILL get more XP for lasting into the final 5 teams than if you were to die early on but take out 20 players. Simple as that. If you aren’t good at engaging players (or maybe you specialize in melee) you can hang on the edge of the storm and move around stealthily and carefully through the bushes. Survive as long as possible and you’ll earn that sweet Overseer XP.

Lastly, nukes are great, and looting is exciting. Unfortunately, you might be like me and always get caught up in finding more loot or hunting for that final nuke launch code/briefcase. Sometimes, the best way to perform is to focus on where you are, where your team is, where the storm is, and where the enemies are. In some cases, more looting will only get you into trouble. Work on honing your skill to outplayed the opponents, instead of upgrading from scout to marine armor.

That’s all from me. I hope you enjoyed reading my take on this new mode and I hope to hear from you all what you think of my suggestions and tips as well as learning more from you! Let’s talk about what Besthesda can do to improve on this mode even more!

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