Just took level 1-50 level ups at one time. TL;DR don’t bother saving your levels

fallout 8 - Just took level 1-50 level ups at one time. TL;DR don't bother saving your levels

So I decided to try out leveling up all 50 levels at once to see if I could save card purchases due to opening a ton of packs at once. It saved me a few, but overall, it didn't help much because most of the perks I wanted was higher level cards, and all the cards are level bound as you take the SPECIAL point. So even if your player level is 50, when you take your first level up, only the cards unlocked at level 2 are available and so on.

Here's the stream of it if anyone is interested: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/346712607?t=00h08m50s

As for how I did it, I just walked from the start all the way to the cranberry fields and power leveled at the High School in Watoga. I made it to the school at level 9, and just kept grinding the school event. Its definitely harder under level 20, but as long as you bring in 2 melee weapons and only wear a power armor frame, its a very profitable run each time.


As for my final build, I'll be running a Legendary Black Powder Rifle I got from the school and 1-handed melee weapons only. And only power armor, no regular armor.

Time to go and actually start the beginning missions finally.

EDIT: Since people were wondering, I was gaining almost 2 levels an event until level 30 or so. Then from 30 to 45 i gained 1 level an event. 45 to 50 i was gaining a but under a level each run. Each run took 30 minutes including weapon repair so i could knock out up to 4 levels an hour early on. I would guess i spent about 20 hours getting to 50.

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