Just wanted to say….people are so nice omg

fallout 7 - Just wanted to say....people are so nice omg

I hope this kind of post is allowed, if not I'll delete ASAP ;v;
I only have around 70 hours in the game so far but I've been having so much fun. My boyfriend got the game for us to play together initially but I play it on my own a lot too! I haven't run into many other players in my time playing but whenever I have, the interactions are usually so friendly. One time I ran by some random player who just dropped me some power armor and a buncha fusion cores. I didn't notice at first but they started hopping up and down to get my attention. They had so much patience with me, I was completely oblivious for a bit.

Another time I was looking around at vending machines for plans and the C.A.M.P's owner was around. I waved hello to show I'm friendly, they waved back. They also had super cheap plans which was really cool! Then they too dropped me a bunch of plans and some cool weapons I'll be able to use when my character levels up.

Then the SAME DAY I again was roaming camps for vending machines and I met another player who was also checking them out. Waved hello again, they did too. Gave me plans and stuff as well. Then also added me as a friend / part of their team. I figured it could be fun to try and they seemed really nice. They left the area so I figured maybe they were just wanting extra XP. I'm not sure how all that works yet. That was fine with me though! They sent me an emoji asking me to come where they are, so I did. AND UH, I was brought somewhere I was absolutely not prepared for lmao. Suddenly there was a bunch of intense fighting with random players and these……..glowy green dudes, I'm so sorry lmfao I'm still so new to all this. I managed to survive somehow. Everyone was a much higher level than me. I'm still level 20 currently. We gathered loot from the dead green ow skin men and they left the area.


I got ANOTHER "come this way" emote and figured, alright, what could we be doing next. I'm hearing a bunch of shooting as I load in and there's just two bigass scorched beasts flying around screaming at us. I died but I still wanted to try and help my pal, so I got my power armor on. Tried to equip the guns I had with the most ammo cus i'm ngl I had so little. My poor teammate had to carry us. (Which btw if youre somehow reading this thank you for hopping where my dropped stuff was, I had completely forgot about it during the fight) They were like level 78 with power armor so I'm hoping that's fitting for this sort of fight. I usually run away from scorched beasts for right now cus I'm a huge chicken admittedly. I had nothing but hunting rifle ammo left so I was just shooting pebbles at these scorched beasts. Eventually, we won!! Mostly thanks to them TTvTT.

I just wanted to say I've had a lot of fun playing and the players seem really nice. I usually don't play these games because they make me kinda nervous. Also if you've got stories with friendly players and stuff I'd love to hear it.

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