Kotaku aren’t the only ones blatantly plagiarise reddit threads. It’s done by every “Gaming News” YouTuber as well.

fallout 8 - Kotaku aren't the only ones blatantly plagiarise reddit threads. It's done by every "Gaming News" YouTuber as well.

Let’s face it. Any and all coverage of the game that doesn’t come fresh from Bethesda themselves or from the hands/mouth of the player actively experiencing something themselves is blatantly ripped off. YouTubers like JuiceHead, TheQuartering, YongYea, Upper Echelon Games, ReviewTechUSA — And the list goes on and on and on — All see top voted posts here on reddit and then that is the material for whatever hate mongering video they make next.

They either film themselves talking in their studio or they play looped footage of themselves failing to even one-shot level 6 scorched (because they use old footed as they don’t even play the game themselves). All of their talking points are ripped straight from the content of these posts OR they literally just read off what is written in these threads.

The worst part is they aren’t even liable like Kotaku is so they gladly feed into threads that get upvoted with absolute zero merit to them and based on completely unsubstantiated claims.

One perfect example of that is when Bethesda fu*ked up and leaked personal information:

These are just a few of the ones I bothered posting as a simple YouTube search of “Bethesda Leak” shows all of these videos. None of them update their description boxes or make new stickied comments about new information. Because they aren’t here to tell you the news. They are here to cause further outrage and to make as much money as they can off that outrage.


I think that’s hilarious in and of itself as alt-right YouTubers like TheQuartering and his community are feverishly against anything SJW — And last time I checked a common critique of SJW was that they thrived on faked outrage culture. Seems funny that his entire YouTube and coverage of FO76 is based on the same thing.

Make no mistake! If you read an article or watch a YouTube video that covers anything FO76 and it’s not fresh from Bethesda or from their own personal experience it is them blatantly misleading you and actively stealing entire reddit threads and their content for their own videos.

Kotaku, YouTubers and even many OPs on this subreddit want to actively mislead you and cause outrage. They will take all of the information put together between them and create outrage based on lies or the backs of others.

Stealth was never nerfed. Melee was never nerfed. The Scorchbeast Queen was never made harder.

Don’t believe in these blatant falsehoods and stop supporting platforms that don’t put an ounce of effort into checking claims made on reddit or even rewriting the content of these reddit threads.

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