Large Easter Egg I found in the Roadmap

fallout 6 - Large Easter Egg I found in the Roadmap

So I was reading the roadmap for a second time when something caught my eye.

In the photo for the "Shear Terror" DLC, I noticed the map that the woman was looking at was, interesting to say the least. If you have seen the roadmap you know what of course I'm talking about, it's the map with the arrows, thumbtacks, and dots on it, representing a conspiracy theory cryptid hunting nutjobs clue map.

This one: https://imgur.com/rJVAH7i

So I decided to myself that just out of curiosity, I would get the help of somebody, and check out each location marked on the map and see what happens. I enlisted the help of a Twitch streamer ( Who I will link at the bottom ), and embarked on the journey. And from my discoveries, it is very possible BGS is hinting at the cryptids to come in the DLC with the locations they have marked.

From Left to right, top to bottom are the locations marked on the map. I do not count the pictures as marked places of interest.

  1. Crashed Space Station – Right off the bat we start of with a great location that supports cryptids, aliens specifically. At the moment there is no lore or really anything interesting to find in The crashed space station, and the possibility they could incorporate it into the Shear Terror DLC is real. There is a circle around it, and in that circle's radius the alien blaster can be found in submerged house. There is a line connecting it to Flatwoods, which I will get to later.
  2. Either North Mountain Lookout or Converted Munitions Factory – This marking is a bit off center of both locations, so both are up to debate for which one it is. I personally am betting on North Mountain Lookout, as from that lookout tower you can spot and discover Hopewell cave, which will be important in just a bit. It is possible that this was a sighting/spotting spot for one of the cryptids. There is 2 lines connecting it to the National Isolated Radio Array, and a picture of a monster.
  3. Hopewell cave – Hopewell cave, which is a badass looking skull shaved cave that serves as an Indian burial ground, can be directed to by the large red arrow on the map pointing to it, remarking "LOST SHEEP". The Sheepsquatch is a West Virginian cryptid that about serves as their version of bigfoot. The creature was leaked a while back, and it seems as if it'll be in the game in Shear Terror. "Shear" Terror? Get it? Shears? Sheep? The Sheepsquatch also has roots in Indian folklare, commonly being refered to as "White Things". This would account for it be referenced at the Hopewell cave, again the current resting place for Indian remains. Some info about Sheepsquatch: https://cryptidz.fandom.com/wiki/Sheepsquatch
  4. Arkos Pharma – Arkos Pharma of course is the headquarters of the company of the same name, and was responsible for many biochemical experiments on plants and animals. There was many sorts of interesting chemicals and experiments done in that building, and while no specific cryptid is mentioned, it could be very likely for it to be involved in the DLC from its background. It is connect to a line going off the map
  5. Flatwoods – Flatwoods is the place connected to the Crashed Space Station and the alien blaster, and is the home of the Flatwoods monster, AKA the only current alien in the game. My personal take on these two being connected supports the clues that aliens will be a cryptid expanded upon in the DLC.
  6. Poseidon Energy Plant – There is not much to know here other than Posideon energy was seriously involved with Enclave, sometimes made crazy hidden machines, and can pump out a fuck ton of energy. However, the reason it is most likely marked is the fact that right next to it in bold letter is "FOOTPRINT". It is pretty clear Posideon Energy is the site of a Sheepsquatch footprint. As soon as I can, I will hunt for one. It IS connected to two photos that is most likely the footprints themselves.
  7. National Isolated Radio Array -This is a big one. In bold words next to an extra emphasis circle is "CONNECTED?", which could mean 1 of 2 things. The array could be connected to something conspiracy wise, or the satellite could actually physically be connected to something. From lore inside we learn that the satellite was operating so intensely is made people get sick, have headaches, and even caused suicide from its side effects. In real life, the location is the Green Bank telescope, which is now SUPER famous for alien hunting, sightings, and other alien related things. It was once used to scan the cosmos of activity and life, and hundreds of different alien related events have happened involving the telescope, like This for example, and also this for another one. No matter what "CONNECTED" means, this satellites involvement helps back the clues of an alien cryptid. It has lines connecting it a cryptid picture and the North Mountain Lookout.
  8. Mount Blair – The location of this pin-point is where you find TNT Dome Key 2, the key that lets you into a bunker to the left of Vault 76, where you can find an alien life-form in a cryopod and alien blaster rounds. Of course, this is another alien clue. It is connect to a picture of a cryptid.
  9. Lucky Hole Mine – The final and one of the most intriguing entries is the lucky hole mine, the site of an unnamed cult that worshipped a lovecraftian cryptid named "The Interloper". The Interloper, who appears to have long shriveled legs, a torso, and a mass of flesh and tentacles for a face https://imgur.com/a/l7TpR6t , is the subject of great mystery. You can find many pieces of lore about people feeling called to a being named the Interloper, and how they would find him deep beneath the crust of the Earth. It is an obvious allusion to a Lovecraftian god, and apon entering the lucky hole mine you can find the site of the cult that worshiped him. From observation, they had a female cult leader who passed away, and as a result they gathered around the Interlopers body and committed suicide. A huge thing to notice is the bronze faces that surround it's body, as they are deeply connected with the supernatural throughout the Fallout universe. When you get closer, the louder a humming noise is heard. This is an extremely interesting cryptid, and would love to see it fleshed out in the cryptid DLC. The maker of the map appears to be looking specifically looking for Sheepsquatch, and so writes "NOT HIM" next to the Lucky Hole Mine mark. It connects to something off screen.

To summarize, throughout visiting every location marked on the map in the Shear Terror DLC image, we discovered an easter egg that leads to possible clues of the DLC content, including Aliens, The Sheepsquatch, and a nod to the mysterious Interloper.

This was made possible with the help of the Twitch streamer mechazaku, who was my guinea pig for a while, and was a giant help. Consider dropping him a follow @ https://www.twitch.tv/mechazaku (:

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