Lazy guide for lazy nuke launching.

fallout 3 - Lazy guide for lazy nuke launching.
  1. home - Lazy guide for lazy nuke launching.
    https://nukacrypt.com/home launch codes – dont need to hunt them yourself these guys get it done for you fast
  2. nuke launch card – inside the military wing before the last room. looking at the giant supercomputer theres a red pc lower left. look in it find the escort package activate. go to data tab amd use the show on map function.
  3. find the map on the wall it has all the silo locations alpha bravo and charlie high light the pins to add them to your map.
  4. intercept the drone with the launch card shoot it down pick the lock get the card. Just an fyi rocket launchers suck for this.
  5. make sure youre well stocked on food water and chems 50 to 100 depending on your tankiness level – power armor is easier but not essential.
  6. go to any of the silos and enter

Phase 1 – making ID to get past laser grid – hug left wall look for blue ID cards the size of a credit card. make note of the gym you will find a room with 2 big pods for scanning biometric data. get innit scan data. go through the gym caddy corner is another small room with a pc and a card swipey thing, swipe the card to erase the old data – go to pc next to the swipey thing and fabricate new ID. follow quest markers to the desk – swipey thing the id there to register with security the laser grid will turn blue.

Turn left- follow the right wall it will take you through the laser grid and into the reactor room.

Phase 2 – follow quest markers to desk and shut down reactor – timer will start run and repair all hissing pipes – robot will attack you kill them if able or LOS tank them with the structures inside. assaultrons hurt if you cant kill them jump over and around things so they cat attack you easily and repair shit on the run. once everything is repaired go back to the desk and restart the reactor. this will open a door. to find the correct door look at the giant reactor – look down the room you will see 3 smaller reactors. go to them if you. the two reactors to your left turn left between them and you will be pointed at the correct door – go there.

phase 3 – destroy mainframe cores – explosives are great – explosive shotguns are great – or you can just go to each core and destroy it by pressing the interact button. FYI laser gats glitch out in here and are not great. once all the cores are destroyed you will have a quest marker to go to next.


phase 4- the supply room -start looking for mainframe cores on the ground and shelfs and stuff. you know youre in the right room when you have to kill the sentry bot – just past that you will see a big door and a desk take all the broken cores out and replace them – go into the pc and select open the door – fyi you can also repair them in a nearby ammo bench – to find that bench from where you get the broken cores extracted look to your lft go past the shelf you will see a weapons repair bench – go towards it but look to youre left and you will see the ammo repair bench before you arrive at the weapons bench- go there. its not in the repair menue its in the make menue – make them if you wish – you can also easter egg hunt all the good cores – repairing is faster but only if you dont get lost trying to do it. Anyway go back to desk boot it up open door follow tunnell

phase 5 – initiate launch prep- you will have to fight to defend the launch crew here a timer starts launch crew assembles if you stand in center of mezzenine over looking the control room you can observe all 5 of the robots and react accordingly – if you are still you seem to attract less robots to fight. and also you can snipe the incoming if you have ranged if a crewmember dies you can still initiate but it will be slower – you can find pcs in the side rooms to replace them with if you need to. after the timer ends you are done

phase 6- under the mezzanine there are three terminals under a red light – 1 swipe card on the left – 2 go to keypad enter code from
home - Lazy guide for lazy nuke launching.
https://nukacrypt.com/home MAKE SURE YOU PUT IN THE RIGHT CODE it also helps to have a back up card in case you fuck it up – anyone who has done this a few times has fucked it up- check your map – ok I am at alpha silo – check the code – caefully enter that shit into the number pad – theres a time to rush and a time to be carefull – be careful or you will burn a card for nothing – then after entering the code go to center and sect the thing you wish to nuke- enjoy the light show.

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