Le Wasteland Gastronomique (AKA The Fallout76 Foodie Bible Vol I—Intro and Buff/Mutation Table)

fallout 2 - Le Wasteland Gastronomique (AKA The Fallout76 Foodie Bible Vol I—Intro and Buff/Mutation Table)

Volume I – Introduction. – FoodDrink Primary BuffMutation Table.

Volume II – All Drinks Buffs modified by MutationMagazinesStrange In Numbers

Volume III – All Foods A-I modified by MutationMagazinesStrange In Numbers.

Volume VI – All Foods M-Z modified by MutationMagazinesStrange In Numbers.

Volume V – Hard to find Ingredient list. – Things Bethesda Needs to Fix.

“You’ll never be OP eating Dogfood.” — anonymous

Le Wasteland Gastronomique (Vols I-V) is a compendium for maximizing your FO76 character’s build with the addition of food and drink buffs. The benefits of fooddrinks—anything that can be crafted at the various Cooking Stations—are increased by having the HerbivoreCarnivore mutation and increased with the use of Backwoodsmen Issue 6, Live and Love Issue 3 and the Strange In Numbers perk. (You can’t have both mutations at once though it is possible to suppress whichever mutation you choose with a serum in order to gain the base benefits of that mutation’s opposite, which can then be further augmented with magazines.)

Although, in my testing, I did not put special effort into seeing what the maximum number of possible buffs were, there were several occasions when I had more than twelve buffs active simultaneously. I estimate that it is possible to have 27 separate buffs active at the same time though I have not personally confirmed this.

It would appear that, of the Primary buffs, only Melee DMG stacks within its own category so one “Max AP” buff will replace another “Max AP” buff, etc. S.P.E.C.I.A.L. buffs stack so long as you only have one buff per each of the seven S.P.E.C.I.A.L. categories…one Str buff…one Chr buff…and so on….

In some cases when I ate the food to verify the buff duration, some buffs appeared slightly different when viewing the item as opposed to the actual buff that appeared in my “STAT—EFFECTS” section of my Pip-Boy, what would appear as, say, a +2 Perception when viewing the food item would actually appear in my effects as +1.5, I did my best to catch these differences when recording the data but I’m bound to have missed a few things, furthermore, as a flawed human being, it’s impossible that I didn’t make a mistake or two at some point…any corrections provided by my fellow players are welcome though please do take the steps to verify them before bringing them to my attention.

The tables below show all craftable food and drink items arranged by their primary buff; the reference of “H”, “N” and “C” show which mutation positively affects each item so: H = Herbivore, N = Neutral (not affected by mutations) and C = Carnivore.

Of all the primary buffs only the Melee DMG buffs stack (and EVERY Melee DMG buff food can be stacked for a total of +7 different increases in Melee DMG). A few other exceptions to the “Primary FoodDrink Buffs Don’t Stack” rule are from foods in the “Unusual Buffs” category. The DR buff from Fried Fog Crawler stacks with any one single buff from the DMG Res Table. Though it is redundant the “Breathe Underwater” buffs, from the unusual table, stack…and ALL of the unusual buffs function for both Carnivores and Herbivores.

Sunshine Oil is delineated “NC” because, though it is neutral, Herbivore negatively affects the Oil’s DR buff.



HSweet Blackberry Tea
HTarberry Juice
HBlackberry Honey Crisp
HBrain Bombs
HCranberry Relish
NMud Cookie
NRazorgrain Flour
NRoyal Jelly Taffy
NSweet Roll

AP Regen

HBlackberry Juice
HCompany Tea
HSteeped Fever Blossom Tea
HSweet Labrador Tea
HBlackberry Honey Crisp
HCorn Soup
HTato Salad Surprise
CFried Deerskins
CMirelurk Egg Omelette

Max AP

HCorpse Seed Juice
HInfused Soot Flower Tea
HSimple Soot Flower Tea
HSteeped Melon Blossom Tea
HTato Juice
CCooked Softshell Meat
CPoached Angler
CRoasted Mirelurk Meat

Bonus XP

HCranberry Juice
HCranberry Cobbler
HCranberry Relish
HGut Shroom Soup
CTasty Squirrel Stew

Carry Weight

CFried Radtoad Legs
CGrilled Radstag
CGrilled Radtoad
CMystery Meat Pie
CPepperoni Roll
CRibeye Steak
CRoasted Ant
CSmoked Mirelurk Fillets

Crit DMG

HFirecracker Berry Juice
HSteeped Thistle Tea
HSweet Mutfruit Tea
HBlight Soup
HMegasloth Mushroom Soup

Damage Res

HCranberry Jam
HSilt Bean Puree
NCSunshine Oil
CFried Fog Crawler
CMirelurk Jerky
CPothole Potpie
CScorchbeast Steak

Disease Res

HCompany Tea
HInfused Bloodleaf Tea
HSimple Bloodleaf Tea
HRazorgrain Soup
HVegetable Medley Soup
CChicken Noodle Soup
CMountain Hocks

Does Not Spoil

NCSunshine Oil
NFasnacht Donut
NRazorgrain Flour
NRoyal Jelly

Energy Res

HFirecap Soup
HFirecap Tasty Souffle
HGlowing Fungus Puree
CCrispy Caver Cricket
CMegasloth Tenderloin
CRadscorpion Fillet
CRadscorpion Steak
CRoast Megasloth

Health Regen

HGranny’s Tea
HMelon Juice
HSwamp Tofu
HSwamp Tofu Soup
HSweet Tato Stew
CBloodbug Pepper Steak
CDeathclaw Egg Omelette

Max HP

HTato Salad
NPumpkin Pie
CBloodbug Steak
CCranberry Meatball Grinder
CFasnacht Sausage

Melee DMG

CGlowing Meat Steak
CMutant Hound Chops
CMutant Hound Stew
CMutton Chops
CMutton Meat Pie
CYao Guai Ribs
CYao Guai Roast

Rad Res

HSoot Flower Herb Paste
HSteeped Strangler Bloom Tea
HSteeped Strangler Pod Tea
HGlowing Fungus Soup
CBaked Bloatfly
CBloatfly Loaf
CMirelurk Cake With Bloodleaf Aioli


HCarrot Flower Nectar
HMutfruit Juice
HSimple Ash Rose Tea
HSimple Aster Tea
HSimple Fern Flower Tea
HSteeped Ash Rose Tea
HSteeped Aster Tea
HSteeped Carrot Flower Tea
HSteeped Fern Flower Tea
HSteeped Gourd Blossom Tea
HSteeped Melon Blossom Chai
HSteeped Tato Flower Tea
HSweetwater Special Blend
HBrain Bombs
HBrain Fungus Soup
HCarrot Soup
HChally’s Feed
HChew Stick
HCorn Pone
HPumpkin Soup
HSilt Bean Soup
HStarlight Berry Cobbler
NSweet Roll
NSimple Gut Shroom Tea
CAged Mirelurk Queen Steak
CAwesome Opossum Bacon
CBroiled Sorchbeast Brain
CCat Meat Steak
CCharred Scorchbeast Liver
CCrispy Squirrel Bits
CDeathclaw Steak
CDeathclaw Wellington
CDog Meat Steak
CFox Jerky
CGrilled Hermit Crab
CGrilled Radroach
CGround Molerat
CIguana On A Stick
CIguana Soup
CMirelurk Queen Steak
CMirelurk Soft-shell Cake
CMolerat Chunks
CMothman Egg Omelette
CMutt Chops
CMystery Meat Pie
CRadrat Steak
CRadtoad Omelette
CRoasted Scorchbeast Heart
CScorchbeast Mixed Stew
CSeared Venison With Berries
CSeasoned Rabbit Skewers
CSmoked Scorchbeast Lung
CSquirrel On A Stick
CStingwing Filet
CStingwing Stew
CWolf Ribs

Unusual Buffs

CFried Fog Crawler
CGulper Slurry
CMirelurk Cake
CMirelurk Cake With Bloodleaf Ailoi
CRadscorpion Egg Omelette
CTasty Radscorpion Egg Omelette

Proceed to Volume II (All Drinks): https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/lbam3v/le_wasteland_gastronomique_aka_the_fallout76/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

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