Legendary crafting is already here, it should be embraced more

fallout 3 - Legendary crafting is already here, it should be embraced more

TL;DR Strangler Armor is more powerful than older legendaries and is craftable. Other legendaries should be craftable too.

Right now I see five tiers of equipment in our game:

  • Nonlegendary craftable items
  • Bad-rolled legendary items
  • Good-rolled legendary items
  • God-rolled legendary items <- basically the only one that interested players
  • Ultimately overpowered craftable items (Strangler PA set)

It could seem that the Crafting your gear is the Alpha and the Omega of equipment gathering in this game, but the truth is that its actually rather lackluster, because:

  • The gear crafting was mostly pointless until the Strangler PA became implemented
  • There's no way to set yourself a goal that you can follow. You can only have some aspirations, and are given a tiny chance for succeeding in them with each 3* monster kill, and there's no major difference in reward quality when you kill 3* bloatfly and 3* queen
  • The ass of 3* ghouls were better conditions for great gear to come existence than the workshops of worlds finest weapon artisans
  • Majority of legendary items are worthless and don't deserve to be called legendary (who in the flying fuck would try to apply faster fire rate on a black powder rifle??!)
  • The gear that can be crafted (Strangler PA) makes the previously accessible items mostly irrelevant (strangler PA + alien blaster > typical godrolled bloodbuild perfected over last year)


My current super optimised and ready for various opponents bloodbuild uses 5 weapons and 5 armor pieces, for a 10 godrolls total. I do believe that anybody who would be playing casually for a year should wear similar stuff, and anybody who grinded for it heavily for two months should basically have it guaranteed. This is why I think a "Legendary Mod" item containing specific legendary effect should become a craftable/obtainable/tradable item. When applied onto your weapon, it would rewrite this weapon to contain whatever legendary effect the Legendary Mod has: You apply explosive legendary mod on your AA 1* rifle, or your AA bashing damage 2* rifle, and poof, its now AAE 2*.

Right now you have to grind for a month, to obtain 6 items that makes the previous armor sets and weapon choices mostly obsolete. This means that the CURRENT rate of grind for craftable legendary OP items is around one item per 5 days. My suggestion is that the crafting of a legendary mod with selected legendary effect should take three days of average grind. This way crafting a new godroll weapon from scratch would be possible in approximately 9 days, which is still almost twice of the CURRENT rate of legendary crafting grind.


  • Players could set themselves goals and accomplish those goals, highly suggested game design for a game revolving around character creation
  • People saying that the PvP is all bad because of unfair duped "Assassin Sentinel TSEs" would get their problem solved
  • This system would still be less effective that what we ALREADY have in place, in terms of how strong your character gets as a result of given activity
  • The immersion gap coming from the fact nobody knows how do legendary items spawn up ghouls butts would be solved

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