Legendary Drop Fun Facts with Keiji Week7

fallout 7 - Legendary Drop Fun Facts with Keiji Week7

Knowledge is power and knowing is half the battle. This phrase has been becoming more true ever since the release of 'Wild Appalachia'. With the Wild Appalachia update Bethesda, has been following a pattern of only adding new weapons/armors into your drop pool after you have the plan learned. Coveted weapons like the Fixer or Bear Arm and powerful armor such as Secret Service will only start dropping legendary for you after you have the plan learned. But what if I told you that you are smarter than the average wastelander? This week I wanted to bring to the public's attention because it doesn't seem that well known of a fact that….

Learn to drop weapons/armors wont drop from mobs because mobs don't know plans! Whenever you kill a mob or complete an event the game checks the possible legendary rewards you can receive and will typically run a function (a small bit of code designed for a specific task) called 'HasLearnedRecipe' which checks if the relevant recipes/plans are learned. Weapons such as a fixer or war glaive call for this function to be run on 'Subject'. I believe that 'Subject' is referring to the container that the weapon will be spawned into. So when you complete an event and get a reward or you spend scrip at the purveyor and roll for a weapon, the item is going into your inventory. Your inventory is the container; You are the subject. But when you kill a legendary ghoul, super mutant, etc., the mobs dead body is the container the item is being spawned in to. The mobs dead body is the subject, and NPC's do not know plans.


While researching this I compared how a few plans drop as well. The plan for the 'Puncturing Pole Hook' mod drops from gulpers and anglers and stops dropping after you have learned the plan. When you kill a gulper the same function 'HasLearnedRecipe' will check if you have the puncturing mod learned but unlike the fixer the function runs on 'Target'. Target is you. The game sees if you, the target, has the plan learned and drops accordingly. Operative under armor mod plans work in a similar fashion. These plans are given to you in order at the enclave vendor. If you go to the enclave bunker the game will run the same function 'HasLearnedRecipe' on once again 'Target' and will stock the vendor accordingly. If the game was checking 'Subject', or the container the plan was going in to, then you would only ever see the base plan because the NPC vendor does not know plans.


TLDR: Learn to drop weapons/armors check the container they will spawn in for recipes learned and NPCs don't know plans.

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