Legendary Drop Fun Facts with Keiji Week9

fallout 5 - Legendary Drop Fun Facts with Keiji Week9

October 23, 2077, the bombs fell and the world destroyed. Just about two years ago Vault 76 opened its doors and out we came to rebuild the world. With the terrors of the wasteland lurking around every corner it helps to have your friends watching your back. Which is why this week I wanted to talk about those little missions your camp ally sends you on. This week I wanted to bring to the public's attention because it does not seem that well known of a fact that….

Gauss Shotguns can get the explosive effect as the 2nd star! Keep in mind that yes I am aware gauss weapons do explosive damage but that's not what I am talking about here; I am referring to the 'explosive' legendary effect. Whenever you get a legendary item the game checks the list it came from for inclusions(effects allowed to be on the weapon/armor), which is usually much more broad terms, and it also checks for exclusions(effects not allowed to be on the weapon or armor), which tends to be much more focused terms. For example a list could have inclusion for rifles to obtain quad, but the exclusion of black powder weapons means even though a black powder rifle is a rifle, it cannot get quad. On the reward list from the daily quest where your camp ally sends you out to obtain a weapon the exclusion for explosive on the gauss shotgun was forgotten meaning that it can roll the explosive effect. The odds of actually obtaining an explosive gauss shotgun are incredibly low as 1. you must have the gauss shotgun plan learned in order to obtain one and 2. assuming all weapon plans are learned there are 52 melee weapons and 51 ranged weapons on this rewards list… follow that by there being 7 possible 2nd star effects on the gauss shotgun (Limb damage, Bash damage, Vats Crits, Dmg while aiming, Faster fire rate, 33% vats, Explosive) means that the odds of obtaining one would be roughly a 1/700 chance that's locked behind a once a day quest. Sometimes the ally does not even give you the quest to obtain a weapon but some other random task.




Bonus Fun Fact: The ally daily quest reward list is actually missing several other exclusions that all of the other drop lists are not. With these exclusions missing and some inclusions all the other lists forgot the most rare legendary weapon drop that's still legitimately obtainable would be a Medic's/25% faster fire rate/15 reload speed Compound bow and it can only be obtained through the camp ally daily quest.

Link to last week(Healing Salves):https://www.reddit.com/r/fo76/comments/jaloz0/legendary_drop_fun_facts_with_keiji_week8/

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