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Here is a few of my ideas in light of the dev AMA response to make certain legendary effects more useable for the upcoming update.

1.Turn Nocturnal into Wheeling effect, wheeling effect gives you extra fire or ice damage based on the time of the day making it always useful to have on so people can justify having it. Also adds cool aesthetic for every weapon when firing.

2.Berserker should have armor synergy like chameleon does, all light armor sets can have exclusive legendaries that lets you have extra DR without it counting towards berserker. Berserker builds will still be glass canons but less squishy.

Another way is to make it so you get a bit of health and dmg resistance for every kill on top of increased damage.

3.Vermin/Troubleshooters/SuperMutants/etc. should all do extra limb damage on that specific mob and can be combined with bonus limb dmg secondary effect to make you very effective at crippling that mob type within one or two hits. So even though it's still specific to that mob type it can now be very useful since it comes with new gameplay of crippling mobs easily….where as of now there is no real reason to use it over other effects that are superior like explosive/AA/TS.

4.Assassin's weapons should add more damage than they do, 10% is a joke. Add a poison effect for extra damage. Poison is also good for PVP since most players don't have poison resist. Give us a use for level 4 funky duds as well.

5.Armor race effects like vermin/mutant/etc. should have a chance at nullifying damage completely from that mob type instead of just mere dmg reduction, all 5 pieces would give highest chance. This would make some of these effects worth while. 50% chance to dodge at best.

  1. Assassin's and sentinel should have their chance to activate lowered to 50% and they should introduce a dmg resist cap that these armors can give you through percentages. As of right now you can boost your dmg resistance beyond 100% making players do BINARY damage against you.

Pair this with nuka cola quantum spam with cola nut perk on you get someone who heals at an insane rate why taking only 1's and 0's(serendipity) for damage.

Basically there is no way to kill them unless you have the absolutely top tier weapon, and only if they move so sentinel doesn't activate, the only other alternative is to radiation weapons.

The main problem is not only are they one shotting you b/c they are a bloodied build, but they are nearly impossible to kill and they can keep respawning infinitely in pvp situations.

This is the type of build that makes PVP in adventure mode a joke to certain players.

So i think there needs to be a axe taken to how much damage resist you can get total from legendary armor effects combining with things like med X allowing to achieve upwards to 125% damage resist.


Dodgy has been fixed recently so add that on top of that, and also one wasteland update lowering everyone's damage.

Yeah that's right, this build was badass before one wasteland has been absolutely been made more powerful since the damage nerf.

7.Medic is terrible as is. Only activates on critical hit is a huge nail in it's coffin. Players rarely need help healing in the first place so it's mind boggling why would choose to help heal over doing more damage which would be better anyways ending the fight quicker instead of drawing it out.

So i recommend the following change:

Medic heals for 50% of the damage that would normally be done to enemies when hitting your allies with your attacks.

When hitting enemies with medics it lowers their damage resistance by 10% for 20 seconds this effect stacks up to 4 times up to 40% for each player OR each critical hit you land yourself. Landing another crit resets timer to keep 4 stacks up on your own otherwise it just gives you 10% when your by yourself with no crits.

This creates a gameplay loop of hitting players to heal them while easily be able to change targets with ease to boost damage through dmg resist reduction. Basically medics weapons become the support build it was always meant to be.

8.Stalker's….where do i even begin? It's a comparison problem why do you need 100% chance at a sneak attack when any other effect would be better for damage and you can just boost your perception anyways using chems/perks/unyielding. There is no scenario in game that makes the 100% vats accuracy "necessary", esp when you have a cool bloodied effect that would pair with your rifle better.

I see 2 possible changes:

Make stalkers effect a lesser effect in the same vein as bashed damage or ap refresh so it doesn't share the same slots as bloodied/AA/etc.


Make stalkers give your normal hits/vats a guaranteed a critical hit when hidden which also allows you to have a full critical bar to do a second one manually. Making a stalker weapon gain natural 100% acc. from crits while also boosting damage when doing pre-emptive strikes.

To prevent exploitation the stalker effect should have a cooldown for activation.

9.Instigating should be changed to do more damage if the enemy is above 50% health like executioners have more damage for low health. Instigating for explosive weapons/rifles are already decent, but for every other weapon it kinda blows.

That's all I have for now thank you for reading!

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