Legendary Perk idea: Master Craftsman

fallout 6 - Legendary Perk idea: Master Craftsman

Personally I get very annoyed having to swap cards out whenever I want to make something. Perk loadouts will eventually make this less of a problem, but the sheer number of crafting-related cards you need to keep and swapping you need to do, as well as the amount of INT you need to keep if you want to be able to craft everything, makes me wish I could just burn another Legendary slot on a QoL perk to make everything simpler.

Balancing such a perk might be hard thanks to the number of cards you'd potentially be able to scrap because of it, so I can understand if any actually desirable effects outside of the basic "you can just craft everything" were more heavily weighted towards higher ranks. At the same time though, more QoL Legendaries means more things to compete with Legendaries that actually make you better in a fight.

Going to attempt to include a list of just how many crafting (and building) perks there are that could potentially be consolidated down to ranks of a Legendary Perk.

  • INT 5 – Demolition Expert: Outside of affecting explosive damage, all 5 ranks allow grenade/mine crafting.
  • INT 5 – Makeshift Warrior: Primarily for crafting.
  • INT 5 – Gunsmith: Primarily for crafting.
  • INT 3 – Armorer: Primarily for crafting.
  • INT 4-6 – (Master/Expert) Science: This pain in the ass is the only reason I have 6 INT right now and not 5. Three separate cards that otherwise work the way the other INT 5 crafting cards work. If nothing else can we please see this tree scrapped and replaced with a less annoying single-card perk?
  • INT 3 – Pharmacist: Like demo expert this perk only advertises itself as being for making RadAway better, but it is required to make certain healing items at the chemistry bench.
  • INT 1 – Chemist: Like Pharmacist, this perk is also needed for some healing recipes. The interesting thing about if you made this part of a Legendary perk is that its more commonly used effect of doubling your crafted chems could be excluded from early ranks.
  • INT 1-3 – Power Smith: Primarily for crafting. Or so I assume, as I'm not much of a PA person and couldn't actually find any tells that denoted it was required for certain recipes with what I had on hand to look through.
  • AGI 3 – Home Defense: Primarily for crafting stronger defenses at your CAMP. Also apparently for "Disarming Expert traps" which I literally have no clue the usecase for.

That's 11 whole cards that could be cleaned up and their clutter removed. It's also about 60 perk points you'd get back scrapping, so I could see you needing to invest in rank 2 before you actually have access to level 5 crafting recipes. As for ranks 3 and 4 there's a lot of efficiency effects from both the already mentioned cards and yet-to-be mentioned cards that could be reintroduced, though I have little idea of how you'd go about balancing it correctly. Nonetheless here's a list of crafting efficiency perks that could also be included with later ranks (bolded perks are ones that didn't come up before).

  • Perks that slow durability loss: Gunsmith, Makeshift Warrior, Power Patcher 1-3, White Knight 1-3
  • Perks that reduce crafting material cost: Power Smith 2, Armorer 2, Contractor 1/2, Power Patcher 1-3, Science Expert 2,
  • Perks that increase crafted or repaired durability: Power Smith 3, Armorer 3, Fix It Good 1-3, Science Master 2, Weapon Artisan 1-3, White Knight 1-3
  • Perks that increase item yield: Chemist, Scrapper 1, Woodchucker 1
  • I'd also make a case for specifically Happy Camper (CHA 2, reduces hunger and thirst while at a CAMP) since it's a really annoying perk not to have when going to town on building up your CAMP, and what is a Master Craftsman if you are not going to touch your living quarters? Similar thought process to why I included Woodchucker above; It feels construction related and it's annoying not to have, though in its case it's more like its too annoying to swap a 1 cost perk into your build when you're more likely to randomly pick up wood as you find it rather than going on "wood runs" like you do with flora.

With all the added perks that's another 40 points from scrapping, meaning about 100 points overall just from scrapping all your crafting-related perks and it becomes obvious that it would be a very difficult thing to balance – you'd be halfway to rank 3 with just converting old cards to the new legendary card after all – but it's something I'd find immensely satisfying to have.

Anyway that's my TEDtalk, sorry my brain can't get a thought out in less than a thousand words. Would be really interested if anyone has any ideas on how to make a universal crafting Legendary Perk work without being busted for the mentioned reasons.

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