Lessens from a Level 100 Noob

fallout 2 - Lessens from a Level 100 Noob

I'm a new player and just hit level 100 and still feel like a total noob. And I thought I would post some of my lessens I've learned so far for other new people:

1: Start by focusing on all the main and side missions. Side missions are often important so don't ignore them, daily ones you can worry about later.

2: If you see an event with several people already doing it, join in! It is a great way to learn about the event and gets some rewards. Try to help kill things the best you can't, don't be a leach though.

3: I soloed way to much starting out. Always join casual teams instead of solo, you can get good perk cards that help you level, like extra xp, and people share cards, and extra Int helps you level up faster. Also even with 3 Chr you can "share" a card, figure out how to do so in the card interface and always share something.

4: When you join a team, the team members (bigger dots) an their camps (yellow) are free to travel to. This helps a lot in saving some caps, and giving free access to their stores.

5: Camp stores are the way to go! Always check them for plans early on, and cheap weapons and armor that will help you. Many people put thins way cheap, if something cost too much just don't buy it, you will find it or something like it cheaper later.

6: All vendors share the same cap pool, reset daily, save a fast travel to find out, ops.

7: Gold is pretty important, finishing up that questline is worth doing sooner than later, I waited too long myself. Also once you get some, don't spend it. Google what you can spend it on, you may want something you can't get right now but will be able to get with rep increases in a few days and regret the purchase.

8: Start figuring out your build by level 25 or so. I was level 50 before I really figured it out and needed to move a lot of points. That is PAINFUL. So many levels.

9: Don't scrap a lot of cards for coins until you really know what you are doing. Master Infiltrator lets you hack and pick anything without having any hacking or picking cards, without having to invest in it at all. Leveling it up isn't needed other than to make things automated. It is a great way to save some card slots and not use coins while you figure things out.

10: Flux plants have to be stabilized at the chem station. To do so, you need drops from mobs killed in the nuke zone, and batches of 10 plants. Use the New tab to figure out when you have what you need to make some before leaving. I almost always have way more plants than mob stuff, and have left with 9 of a plants too many times, don't do that. Also when you lose a lot of plans it turns into inert flux which will be a sneaky 50 lbs in your backpack without you knowing it if you aren't careful. Dang it.

11: If you join the SBQ event, you have to do a lot of damage to the queen to get the flux drop. I wasn't getting it until I started bringing a heavy gun and focusing on her. I was helping cleaning up other mobs and didn't know for a long time.


12: I ignored Power Armor and Heavy Guns, I wish I didn't, you really need them later, don't totally ignore them.

13: Fallout 1st is totally worth it for scrap alone, I have no idea how people manage without it. But again I soloed on a private server for a while, total waste, unless doing something specific for a reason, you miss out on too much.

14: Lock your stuff you don't want people to steal at a camp, but not doors, why lock doors?

15: Yes you put your camp down at the first river you saw near the bar. So did everyone else, move it sooner than later. If you get 3 in a row camp spot taken when you login, find another spot, it isn't worth it. Trust me on this one.

16: When someone nukes monogah mine and you go there because of a side quest, it setups a boss fight. If you didn't know, you aren't ready for it, which is funny. This was just shocking for me, and the people who did it failed (I did my best to help but they weren't doing enough damage on him either), so the quest doesn't finish. Fun experience but not a great use of time or resources, that seems to need planning.

17: You get camp plans at defend workshop events, even if it isn't yours. Go help people defend their workshops if you see it pop up!

18: Find ally's and get them and do their quests. Beckett's reward gun at the end is the only reason right now I can do enough damage on the SBQ to get the reward I think.

19: Don't horde legendries, turn them in for scripts every day until you max out for the day, and until your character maxes out. Once you are maxed if you have the storage spin the wheel or armor or whatever. If you have storage issues and more legendries to turn in get some modules, you will need them later anyway. You think you can sell them, but only certain kinds sell well and you have to learn what they are, they most just sit in the store.

20: Store items still take up space in your stash! No shortcuts for you. Price things really cheap, sell to vendors daily, and drop things you can't ditch when you are low on space.

21: Armor pentation is a big deal way more than I thought. Those perk cards are important. And for shotguns, I found it really hard until I had an anti-armor one.

22: I spent way too many levels getting 3 in my weapon cards, get one of each and focus on the cards that support them, like armor pentation, range, reload speed, etc. Although the snipper one seems not needed and was a waist of 3 levels, even in you use a scope.

23: Push to talk on a PC doesn't work if you use a controller. You need to use another app outside the game if you want to do that.

24: Int is more important than you think.

25: Mutations are fun once you have the Luck perk cards to keep them and minimize the issues they cause. The cheapest way to get the ones you want are player vendors with some luck.

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