Let’s discuss Nuclear Winter

fallout 6 - Let's discuss Nuclear Winter

This game mode needs a little discussion.

I think this mode does have potential. I really do. If the devs are willing to go back and look at it and approach it from a different angle and actually take it out of Beta (if only), they could have a really good game mode on their hands. As someone who is a bit of a completionist, I am willing to grind through NW to get the cosmetics for my main character, but I think that there needs to be something else there to entice people to play it, and not just for completing a daily SCORE challenge.

Now there are a few things I would personally change but these are just my personal opinion. First off, I would remove Frog Legs the perk, and put it as a mutation, just like every other mutation. I never understood how that was passed off as a perk and not a mutation. It is a perk than throws makes gun battles inconsistent, and it can pretty much force you to run a commando build in main game. Make it a mutation please.

Secondly, add different crates to the mix. At the moment, we have 3 standard crates, which supply different things depending on the crates themselves. Maybe adding something like 'Aid' crates where you have a chance to get the mutations could be a possible idea, instead of only being able to get them through hacking terminals.


Speaking of terminals, would it be too much trouble to make terminals/locked crates auto unlocked for those running the correct perks? If you run lockpick or hacker, you auto hack/unlock the terminals/crates. If you don't then you have to go through the tedium of unlocking them the old fashioned way.

Map variety is also an issue. I have played so much Morgantown I can visualise it in my sleep. There are plenty of other areas in the FO76 world which can be used for some entertaining battles e.g. Watoga, Whitesprings, Grafton etc. What could also be a cool idea (and this is providing that they actually believe in this) is maybe add maps from older Fallout games to play on, just to bring a bit of nostalgia into the game.

An "outside the box idea" could be to do something with the SCOREboard. The scoreboard/season pass is brilliant and the fact it is free is even better, so bravo there. The only bummer is when the board is finished, you have all this SCORE going to waste. So could it be converted into Overseer XP? Or would that deter people from playing the game mode even more?

I do want this game mode to become better. I am not a huge BR fan, I do find them rather repetitive and dull but I do keep wanting to go back to NW, and I think that is the case for quite a few of us here. If you want this game mode to succeed, what would you want them to do and why?

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