Let’s go fishing!

fallout 5 - Let's go fishing!

Do you know what this game is missing?Fishing.

I know, some players hate it, and some players love it, but hear me out.You should be able to toss a line, and be able to fish up stuff. Like an old boot, empty bottles (Maybe one with a message,) maybe a Nuka Cola, or some ammo. Heck, maybe even different fish like glowing Salmon, radiated eel and 9-eyed-squids. You know, sea stuff. (Still odd, that there is no such thing as life under the surface in this game, even radiated.)

Anyway here is my twist, or idea for a quest line for this.

When you kill a legendary enemy, you may be lucky to loot something like a "Highly Radiated Glowworm". You bring this to the Overseer, and she'll be like "Oh, that's quite interesting. I have a crazy idea. Meet me at Lake Moomaw." (Or Smith Mountain Lake or a different lake.)

When you meet the overseer at Lake Moomaw, she will start fishing using the highly radiated glowworm as bait. Then a big monster will appear, like maybe a Mirelurk EMPRESS. (Why the heck not? Could also be something like a Megamegalodon, giant squid, Lake Ness, Chinese Submarine or something just as crazy). But of course, it's way too big for anyone to reel in.

The quest will then have 3 follow ups, where you need the help from the Brotherhood of Steel, the Foundation and the Raiders.


When you were at the lake, you noticed that it had a train track going around lake Moomaw. You'll need the help from Brotherhood of Steel, to get a train transported there. (Maybe with the help from a vertibird or four.)With the help from the raiders, mainly the ones from Ohio River Adventures, you will get some big and strong harpoons that will be placed on the roof of the train.Then with the help from Foundation, mainly Penelope Hornwright, the train needs to be secured. As in….NOT DERAILING! This will be important for the final quest, when you try to fish up a Mirelurk EMPRESS!

So, when all of this is done, you'll go there again with a new highly radiated glowworm. You will then start fishing from the roof of your new, strong and STEADY train. When the Mirelurk Empress grabs on, you will harpoon it, and start the train. You will need a lot of power to pull it out of the lake after all. Kill it, and the quest is done.

Of course, if you want to make it harder afterwards, a nuke can always be dropped.

Bonus song, that I think would fit. I know it's in Danish, but since the overseer even has said in the start of the game: "You come from every walk of life. Every race, colour and creed." Then I guess I am excused. 😛

I know it's just a silly idea, but it's an idea I just had to get out there.

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