Lets have a conversation about fallout 76 and the atomic shop

fallout 2 - Lets have a conversation about fallout 76 and the atomic shop

I keep seeing something repeated by people on this sub reddit.
Agammamon - Lets have a conversation about fallout 76 and the atomic shop

u/Agammamon claims the optional content of the atomic shop influences game design and that they added grinding to the game to sell the optional content. IE skins paint jobs, repair kits, etc. Yet when pressed for specifics examples of what game content was influenced and what grind was added in they seem unwilling or even incapable of being specific. Deflecting and complaining about straw mans left and right like a troll.

And I call them a troll because they have made this same claim half a dozen times and each time when pressed for specifics or examples they deflect and complain and call people a shill for Bethesda.

Now normally I would just laugh at a single troll and their pathetic attempts to sound tough. But I've seen variations on this logic repeated by a couple of people on here. And unless agammamon has several alternate accounts they use to pretend like people actually agree with them, there are people who legitimately believes this. False information is spread by well meaning but misguided or simply ignorant people who repeat false information because they think it is correct. I mean seriously how many times has Jakie Chan been declared dead only for like 3 hours later for him to reply that he is actually alive?


So for everyone (besides the sad little troll that goes into a rage and calls people shills when asked for specific examples) who thinks Bethesda is altering the game play of 76 specifically for atomic shop sales please present your evidence. And please be specific about it because just claiming that they are doing it without example or supporting arguments actually puts you behind flat earthers and anti vaxxers and conspiracy theorist that claim Jews are secretly running the world. Because those misguided to out right bat shit insane people will at least give specific examples and supporting evidence if asked. Even if it is all complete horse shit.

And while I realize the odds of the handful of people who legitimately think this are unlikely to see this for numerous reasons. I still think it is important to have a dialogue about this and clear the air.

And for the knee jerk reactionaries. No I'm not saying you have to like the atomic shop or approve of how Bethesda is handling it. But there is a big difference between not liking something and purposefully changing something in game. Much like there is a big difference between a friend/significant other doing something that pisses you off, and them specifically doing it for the sole intent to piss you off. IE forgetting to put the toilet seat down is different from them purposefully not putting it down just to annoy you.

TL;DR: Put up or shut up.

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