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Since the AMA recently mentioned "new mods" (as ambiguous as that sounds…) I want to use this opportunity to bring up a pet peeve of mine.

See, one of my alt characters is designed to be as piratical as possible, using exclusively black powder weapons for rpg flavor – even managed to scrounge together a pirate costume + hat.

They're great guns – their per-shot damage is actually excellent, their sounds are like music, they come with unique custom animations and they look gorgeous.

But they feel like they're someone's pet project who since left the team and been forgotten about now…

First off: They have literally NO mods. Not even glowsights. Not even ultracite ammo or anything. Nothing.

Well there IS a super obscure bayonet which cannot be crafted and has to be found as a mod lying around in the world. Pretty sure half the current playerbase didn't even know that existed, and even less knew what the thing actually looks like. It's bloody gorgeous – hell it could (and should) be a standalone melee weapon. Like a skin for the revolutionary sword for example.

I really want to see mods for these guns. Sights, scopes, maybe even something like this to increase their ammo capacity/dps. Especially on The Dragon I would LOVE a receiver mod that slightly lowers the damage, but lets you fire every barrel individually. Which wouldn't even be necessary if..

…segway into the next topic…

…Black Powder weapons possibly came with the Quad legendary prefix. Another weird decision I can't really grasp – why can I get a Quad Harpoon gun (don't get me wrong, I love that thing) or a Quad naval cannon, but a Quad flintlock gun is off the table? That would be THE effect that could elevate BP guns from being a gimmick to being at least semi-viable.


Speaking of of viability (see how I just move around these topics? ;P) the only BP gun that is actually usable is the pistol, since it's the only one you can get weight reduction perks for in order to carry like 10 of them and switch after each shot. The rifles are basically just slower pistols with only marginally more damage (which becomes irrelevant the moment you pull a second pistol and out-dps any bp rifle) but since they're all 6lbs or so you can't carry multiples for hotswapping without gimping yourself in terms of carry weight.

All Black Powder Rifles are, in their current state, a mantle piece at best.

And what about the Black Powder Blunderbuss? As far as I can tell it behaves exactly like the pistol (sans legendary effects) – it just looks slightly different. Another clue that they might've been someone's pet project and just been kinda abandoned.

Lastly, there's The Dragon. Arguably the most beautiful gun in this game. It used to come as a legendary too, but they took it out of the legendary pool completely for unfathomable reasons. With legendary crafting on the way I can't even try to get a usable one, since there's no plans for it either. It's one of those novelties you just kinda find randomly and again, just put on your wall.

They even put those amazing Flintlock skins on the ATX (only for all rifles though) – so I know they at least acknowledge their existance, but come on…

In short, here's what I would like to see in order of personal importance:

– Black Powder mods for all weapon types especially ultracite ammo, multishot receivers, and sights

– Quad Legendary effect availability for all BP weapons

– The Blunderbuss and The Dragon to become available as legendary drops (again)

– Crafting plans for all BP weapons that don't have any yet

– Flintlock skins for all BP weapons that don't have any yet

– For god's sake take the bayonet mesh and turn it into a 1H weapon

Thanks for coming to my pep talk!

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