Let’s write the “Perfect” Fallout game.

fallout 1 - Let's write the "Perfect" Fallout game.

I like to write. I've written 4 books, none of which I've had the balls to publish. And after the recent fallout of Fallout 76, I've been fantasizing about writing a new Fallout game, hopefully and wishfully Fallout 5, and compiling cues from everything that Fallout fans would want in the new game, as opposed to making a brand new one from scratch.

So far, I'm surprised at how many ideas I've had. But I thought, for fun, that I would write a thread where all of us contribute to the ideas, and really come to a consensus about what would be the perfect Fallout game. A sort of collective wish-list.

I'll start with something I've been thinking a lot about, since I started re-playing Fallout 3.

  1. Weapon Conditions/Repair

On Fallout 3 (and NV), I was annoyed, puzzled, at:

How quickly the weapons deteriorated

The damage would be diminished to match the condition

And the fact that you couldn't repair your own equipment.

(Level requiring Guns to USE them is RETARDED)

First of all, anyone who knows anything about firearms knows that weapons don't deteriorate THAT quickly. I understand the angle of "it's after Nuclear War", but not all guns were RIGHT on the ground, as the bombs fell. Not only that, but even if they were, that wouldn't really affect the mechanisms of it, except for the vibrations and waves. And even then, it wouldn't be difficult to repair to an enduring state.

Fallout 4 did away with Condition completely, which I know most Fallout fans disagreed with. But then again, weapons in real life are pretty durable. I don't disagree that the weapon condition should deteriorate, but not at the rate as in 3, NV and 76. Here's WHY and HOW they should deteriorate:

If you're in a fight, and you take damage and get shot, meleed, or blown up. THAT'S a perfect reason to lower its condition. Also, if you swim. Or if you get scorched.

But JUST from shooting your weapon? Come on. Sure, there is such a thing as "weapon maintenance". But that's cleaning, with some pipe cleaners, and stuff.

Requiring an entire new weapon of the same kind, to repair your weapon should not JUST "repair" it, it should make it like brand new. Repair to 100%. I get the math of adding 2-25% weapons, to make one weapon that's 50% condition. But if you're using an entire new weapon to repair your current one, in my logic, it means you're going to replace parts. That logic would make the multiplier a lot higher than simply adding the percentages. Like, in real life, if your barrel in your Beretta 9mm is messed up, that's like "60% condition" cause the gun won't shoot right, or at all. So, replacing the barrel won't bring it up to "70%", that gun, with a new barrel is 100% Condition now.

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So, the damage matching the condition makes NO SENSE at all. In real life, a gun that shoots bullet shoots the bullet just the same as a gun which handle is broken, is dirty, and bent in places other the barrel, that bullet will come out just the same. If that gun can shoot, the bullet will kill you just the same.

And the first time I played Fallout 3, I was confused as to why you can't fix your own equipment on your own workbench, or at any workbench. Especially when you're out in the middle of nowhere, and you find a bench…and all your guns are broken ….BUT you can't fix them. How does that make sense? So, make, maybe limiting it by perks and/or leveling, but at some point you should be able to fix your own stuff. I like the way Fallout 76 did it. It was ALMOST perfect, but requiring the same materials it takes to build them is stupid. Sometimes, it would be cheaper, and take less materials to build a new item than to repair it….how does that make sense.

So, be able to fix your own stuff, at a regular bench, for little to no materials. Without the need for an extra weapon of the same kind – that gives it a needless grind.

And lastly, this is more about Fallout 76 (which I know is not a good metric to measure the quality of a Fallout game), but it was present in Fallout 3 and NV for Power Armor: Requiring High enough level to USE an item is stupid. What makes more sense is if you weren't EFFICIENT at it, if you didn't have enough STRENGTH, or AGILITY. So that lack of efficiency would look like "you don't have good accuracy with it", or if you're trying to use a Fat Boy while being super low level, you can't even lift it high enough to aim. etc. That makes more sense than just not being ABLE to use them at all.

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Also, condition should be directly linked to JAMMING, which is a real-life thing. You want to be lazy and not maintain your weapons, they'll jam on you all the time. I think NV did this somewhat, but it should be more accurate to real life. It don't take that much research. lol.

Alright, that's what I got so far for this topic. Anyone else care to contribute?

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