Leveled terminal Locations – A Hackers reality.

fallout 7 - Leveled terminal Locations - A Hackers reality.

G'day guys, as we all know with the release of Appalachian Scout's and the badges associated with them, we get the Tadpole Challenge: Codebreaker. As one of many who partially struggled to find locations for leveled Terminals to hack for the challenge, I did a bit of scouting about in game to find a few locations to help you guys out.

Tadpole Challenge: Codebreaker:

  1. Pass "Codebreaker" Knowledge exam
  2. Hack into skill level "0" terminals <0/3>
  3. Hack into skill level "1" terminals <0/3>
  4. Hack into skill level "2" terminals <0/3>
  5. Hack into skill level "3" terminals <0/3>
  6. Solve a nuke launch code sequence by launching a nuke.

Leveled Terminal Locations:

Level 0 Terminals.

  • Upstairs – Camp Mclintock, main building
  • General Managers Office – The Whitesprings Resort
  • Control Tower – Wade Airport
  • Basement Area – Morgantown Aiport
  • Storage room controls – Morgantown Airport
  • Enterance to Abbie's Bunker – Mire
  • Harper's Ferry Armourer – Harper's Ferry, requires jumping into the compound and avoiding/killing level 40 mrk VII turrets
  • Harper's Ferry Armourer – "Same as above"
  • Receptionist's Terminal – Poseidon Energy Plant
  • Fuel Storage room Terminal – Poseidon Energy Plant

Level 1 Terminals.

  • Fujiniya Intelligence Base – Under Momma Dolce's, through the hatch and turn right.
  • Fujiniya Intelligence Base – Down three flights of stairs next to a locked caged.
  • Supervisor's Terminal – Dryer Chemical, Right of the complex. Building with the two chimney's and the sign
  • Maintenance Terminal – Red Rocket Mega Stop
  • 2nd floor of Sals Grinder's – Beckley
  • Security terminal –
  • Mainframe Access Terminal –
  • Maintenance Office Terminal –

Level 2 Terminals.

  • Transit Hub – Watoga Transit Hub
  • Engineer's Terminal – Watoga Emergancy Services
  • Manager's Terminal – Appalachian Antiques, Near Watoga
  • Headmaster's Terminal – Watoga High school
  • Cafe Terminal – Drumlin Diner, Watoga
  • Terminal – Ranger's Station – Cranberry Bog
  • Security Station Terminal –
  • Mainframe Terminal –
  • Mainframe Access Terminal x 2 – In very close proximity of each other:

Level 3 Terminals.

  • Foyer Terminal –
  • Monitioring Station –
  • Security Command Terminal –
  • Mainframe Access Terminal –
  • Security Station Terminal –

I hope this makes your hacking life … a little easier. Good luck to you Scouts, and remember. "Ever Upwards!"

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