Limited fast travel and alternate transportation

fallout 4 - Limited fast travel and alternate transportation

So on a long car ride yesterday I started thinking of fallout and the traveling and I had some ideas in my head. I wanted to get off my chest and see what other people think so here I am. Feel free to agree disagree or offer your own ideas.

-Limit fast travel: fast travel is disabled making other transportation methods. Keep virtibird travel as a limited use fast travel for long distances.

-Horses: it always bugged me that there are a bunch of cows/brahmin yet very little types of other livestock. If cows survived the apocalypse why couldn’t horses have? Or even a two headed version of the horse or another mutated animal to mount and take. Whatever the case, the players mount should be a lot faster than walking, yet not good for very long travel. They’re animals after all and overworking then can lead them to collapse, distrust you, damage them, or a combination of all 3

-Vehicles: another thing that bugged me is the fact that there are groups like the Minutemen, the BoS, the Institute, NCR, that have teleportation and flight tech, yet no land transport other than brahmin. With this in mind I had a couple ideas for vehicles. Overall they will be better for long distance travel but will require maintaining. Should be balanced as a late game item.


•Motorcycles: Fast, agile, high mileage, and easy to maintain, yet have low storage capacity, low health/ armor, and can only have one other companion with you. Only small weapons (pistols, smgs, small shotguns etc.) are useable. Good for lone wanderers

•Cars: good all around vehicle that are slower than bikes, but faster than larger vehicles. They will require more maintaining, but have higher health/armor and good ramming power and ability for passengers to use bigger weapons like assault rifles and can have up to 2 other passengers. Jack of all trades vehicle.

•Trucks: big and tough, this is the strongest vehicle, but if broken will require the most repair. These vehicles should have low mileage, a little slower than cars, and much less agile than bikes. All weapons are useable in the beds of the trucks like rocket launchers and mini guns, and with enough know how, even mounted guns. Good for tankier characters and those that like to keep a lot of company,

-Random events: there should be plenty more events to keep travel interesting, and dynamic locations like in rdr2.

I am by no means a developer, just a fan rambling on and would like to hear any criticisms and your own ideas. Apologies in advance for any bad grammar.

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