List of locations with *randomized* rare loot/outfits

fallout 4 - List of locations with *randomized* rare loot/outfits

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Hi everyone!

My endgame is finding rare loot/outfits to either display, collect or sell. I enjoy the hunt!

I'd like to list all the locations/ways we can think of that have chances of obtaining randomized rare outfits and loot.

I know there are many other neat static always-there outfits and loot out in the Wasteland but I want to focus on the stuff that isn't guaranteed- sometimes they can be randomized within a small loot pool of available items.

special thanks to those Mappalachia creators who made the map of randomized encounters possible

I only know these few, please post more and I will add them to the main post! If I'm missing any items at certain locations please let me know.

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Location Based

Fort Defiant

-The most famous example is of course Fort Defiant for the rare and popular Colored Asylum Outfits.

-You can find these on the 3rd floor BOS rooms, there are 2 locations on beds and 1 in the bathroom shower room ledge. They are randomized so you can get dirty, white, brown, green, yellow, forrest, blue, pink, or the ever elusive red asylum outfits.

Sons of Dane Compound

Randomized headwear chances on table

-rare hats: Green Hood, wrapped cap

Whitespring Golf Club Locker Room-

-Randomized outfits on shelving and on top of lockers

-possible outfits: clean spacesuit helmet, clean miner helmet, clean ski hood, pompadour wig, wrapped cap

Camp Venture

-Turning in Technical Data to the BOS for the "Forbidden Knowledge" may reward some rare outfits including Bomber Jacket, Engineer Outfit, and BOS outfits including Brotherhood Fatigues, Knight Suit, Lab Coat, Officer Suit, Science Scribe Outfit, Soldier Suit, Medical Goggles

Thunder Mountain Power Plant Workshop area

-Random chance for various BOS outfits including Brotherhood Fatigues, Field Scribe Outfit and hat, Welding Helmet,

Appalachian Antiques

-Randomized chances for Brotherhood Lab Coat and BOS Fatigues on ottoman downstairs and wardrobe chair upstairs, BOS Hood, Welding Helmet, Flight Helmet

Ranger District Office

-randomized chance for Welding Helmet, BOS Hood, Flight Helmet,

Emmet Mountain Disposal Site

-random chance for Prototype Hazmat Suit

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Travelling Vendors

with randomized loot


-You know him, you love him, and he loves MEAT!

-Everybody's favorite Green-skinned Galoot travels the world randomly, and sells a randomized chance at unique and rare plans

unique plans: disco ball, radiation emitter, metal picnic bench, stone benches, Domestic Kitchen Tables, Chally's Feed, Metal Picnic Table, Starburst Clock

Travelling Responder Bot

-This delicate robot spawns randomly at fixed points across the map, server hop at the GREEN locations on
ID0ergG - List of locations with *randomized* rare loot/outfits

this map for chance to find this unique and rare randomized outfit dealer. Be advised it wont spawn if someones camp is too close to the marked locations.

-Also, once it spawns it has a limited lifespan, its prone to falling over dead at any given time

-unique outfits: hunter's longcoat, longshoreman outfit, clean spacesuit/helmet, Grey Fishermans Overalls, Fishermans Overalls, Clean Stright Jacket, Winter Jacket And Jeans, Skiing Red and Green Outfit



Random Encounters

Civil War Reenacter

-randomly found on green locations
ID0ergG - List of locations with *randomized* rare loot/outfits

this map in the Savage Divide and Forest

– These dead guys and gals have the plans for all confederate and union and civil war outfits and hats

Trick Or Treaters

-randomly found on green locations on
ID0ergG - List of locations with *randomized* rare loot/outfits

this map in the Mire

-These dead spooky guys and gals have the plans for the skeleton mask and outfit and the witch outfit and hat. This is the only way to obtain a witch costume.

*there is also a Vampire Trick or Treater that unfortunately has no plans

Raider Skiing Couple

-randomly found on green locations on
ID0ergG - List of locations with *randomized* rare loot/outfits

this map in the Toxic Valley/Edge of Savage Divide

-These dead lovers have the skiing outfit plan

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Random chance to get loot upon completion


-possible loot: Imposter Sheepsquatch Helmet/Outfit, Sheepsquatch Mascot Outfit/Helmet, White Wolf Fedora, Fixer Plan

Project Paradise

-possible rare loot: Artos Lab Coat, Bear Arm Plan, Arktos Pharma backpack skin

Free Range

-possible rare loot: Sheepsquatch Staff, Sheepsquatch Club, Sheepsquatch Shard,Crook, Glass Crook, Horned Crook, Spiked Crook, Electrified Crook, Barbed Staff, Heavy Club, Mutton Meat Pie


Time Limited Events

catch em while you can!

Mischief Night- Halloween

-possible rare loot: Pirate Outfit/Hat, Fireman Outfit/Helmet, Jack O' Lantern Pant and Short Suit, Whitespring Jumpsuit

Fasnacht – May

-possible rare loot: Fasnacht masks including Giant, Goblin, Jester, Owl, Skull, Soldier, Sun, Toothy Man, Winer Man, Witch, Fasnacht Beret, Fasnacht decorations, Bonfire

Grahm's Meat Cook Off – various times throughout year

-possible loot: Grillmaster's Hat, Bloody Chef Outfit/Hat, Tenderizer Mods

Xmas Scorched- Christmas Time

xmas gifts which contain randomized huge loot pool

possible loot- Santa Crash plan, Winter Icicle Lights Plans, Tons of Mounts, All Weapon Prime Mods, Weapon Plans, Armor Plans, Power Armor Plans


Region/Faction specific Outfits from Events

Enclave Events:

Urban Scout Armor Mask, Forest Scout Armor Mask

The Mire:

Traveling Leather Coat, Tattered Field Jacket, Leather Coat

The Forest:

VTU Baseball Hat, Forest Camo Jumpsuit

Savage Divide:

White Powder Jumpsuit, Whitespring Jumpsuit, BOS Jumpsuit, Urban Scout Armor Mask, Forest Scout Armor Mask (reportedly all these items may drop at once upon event completions in the Savage Divide area!)

Toxic Valley:

Western Outfit, Western Outfit & Chaps

What are we missing? Please list more!

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