List of Nuclear Winter Rewards by Rank (and how to see what you’ve been awarded)

fallout 76 discussion and inform - List of Nuclear Winter Rewards by Rank (and how to see what you've been awarded)

This is a list of the current NW Rewards I have gotten so far at level 22.

Mini PSA- You too can see what rewards you have unlocked! They're listed under challenges:

Start>Menu>Challenges>Character>NW: Unlock Overseer Rank X Once

It will show you the immediate next upcoming reward(s) as well. There's an icon next to the names indicating what they are.

NW Rewards by Overseer Level:

1 Vault 51 Jumpsuit Apparel

2 Vault 51 Icon

3 Vault 51 Frame Frame

4 Small Crate Icon

5 Small NW Stash Camp

6 Medium Crate Icon

7 Epic Crate Icon

8 MegaSloth Icon

9 Promotion Frame Frame

10 Overseer Chair Camp

11 Blue Camo Paint Weapon Skin (.44 Revolver)

12 Bronze Trophy Camp

13 Hot Rod Shark Paint Weapon Skin

14 Pocket Watch Icon

15 Blue Camo Paints PA Skin

16 Medium NW Stash Camp

17 -Perk Card Pack*

18 Bad Hair Female Icon

19 -Perk Card Pack

20 Welcome Frame Frame

21 Blue Camo Paint Weapon Skin (Laser Rifle)

22 Bad Hair Male Icon

23 -Perk Card Pack

24 Silver Trophy Camp ((12, then 24, maybe 36 next for gold?))

25 (I'm currently level 22 so I can't see the exact name of rewards beyond level 24 rewards)

EDIT- Adding to the list, thanks to help from others! ( u/conssoul, u/The_Real_Pete_Jones, u/Zexis,u/LemonCellos)


25 Hot Rod Flames Paint Weapon Skin (Laser Rifle)

26 Vault Boy Camera Icon (-any reward names beyond this one may not be exact)

27 -Perk Card Pack

28 Ring of Fire Photo Frame

29 Slocum's Joe x01 Paint (Looks like the striped one)

30 Skeleton Profile Icon

31 -Perk Card Pack

32 Gold Pipboy Statue

33 Minigun Skin

34 Nuclear Symbol w/ Ghoul/Skeleton Face Icon

*After level 15 you stop getting awarded perk card packs every level, and they seem to be awarded after that at levels were there are no cosmetic awards. Like levels 17,19,23,etc..

People who are better at PvP than me (pretty much everyone) and who have gotten higher level: please feel free to check your challenges and add to the list. I've been waiting to see a datamine or something for a while now, but I keep seeing people asking about rewards so maybe this post will help people get the info they need, or find their rewards?


(Please forgive my formatting I don't ever do posts, just comments.)

edit- Thanks for the kind comments and thanks very much to the higher ranked Overseers for helping add to the list, and for the properly formatted list in the comments hopefully immediately below. Thank you.

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