List of things that need balancing after wastelanders

fallout 3 - List of things that need balancing after wastelanders

-Berserkers legendary effect removes all survivability but with the countless defensive perks for bloodied builds they can survive a lot more and also do more damage. They can also passively be at full hp and progressively do more damage as the fight goes on

-Mutants is a 10% damage increase while everything else does significantly more

-Fatmans have no perks related to it’s damage but compared to other mele combo’s it does less damage. A 20-35% increase would make it much more viable

-Assultron head is very weak and the only useful version is very busted. Having a good assaultron head vs a quadra one is no contest. The base damage should be increased and the Quadra bonus should scale based off those numbers so it has good poke potential but a lot of ammo usage while others require less ammo but is slower to burst.

-One handed weapons overall need a damage buff to compete against the damage 2 handed and unarmed weapons can do. (10-20%)

-The meathook is busted and it is the clear mele endgame weapon since it benefits from so many damage bonuses. Lowering the base damage to still make it very relevant would help give some diversity.

-The entire cultist set does very little damage compared to their counterparts and have no modifications.

-Single action rifles (except for the gauss rifle) shoots too slow for its damage output while a fixer can quickly mow things down. A small damage buff should make these a lot better for rifle builds (20%)


-Quick hands is a very mediocre card for a lot of weapons but great for some. It’s usefulness for some heavy weapons and other slow reloading guns is minimal since 16 percent is so low. Make it scale off either what type of gun it is or how much luck you have. (Max of 39% at 20 luck)

-Pistols have never been in a good spot in the game and it’d be best to up their damage since they have a lower fire rate, magazine size, and reload speed while compared to other weapons. A 30% damage increase would make them a slower weapon but do a lot more damage which can be useful for stealth and single target builds.

-broadsided and the flamer has suffered throughout the meta due to their ammo cost and their better alternatives. An ammo crafting increase per each would help out as well as a 20% damage buff to the broadsided.

-storm chaser as a perk card is both situational and very lacking. A passive effect and an indicator would heavily help this card or maybe a way to create a rad storm yourself via grenade.

-Stalkers is a pretty useless effect when compared to any damaging prefix out there. Give it the added bonus of being a vats crit as well at no cost.

-Bring back the ripper but allow it to be higher level while fixing some of the effects

What are your thoughts everyone?

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