Lone Wanderer Perk should also decrease the cost of fast travel

fallout 4 - Lone Wanderer Perk should also decrease the cost of fast travel

It makes sense logistically and canonically. It helps even the field for solo play because solo players can't "split" travel costs like groups can. Also, I mean, it's called the Lone "Wanderer", after all.

EDIT: A lot of people are saying that cheaper fast travel is already a perk card. I know. The DMG reduction and AP regen are also other perk cards. Doesn't mean it still wouldn't be a good balance. A lot of other people are also mentioning that Lone Wanderer should also include carry weight, as a main benefit of companions in previous games was as pack mules, which I could also agree with.


Anyone saying that this would make the perk too OP, please refer to this). The point is that it is OP to balance the game for players without companions. Same thing in 76; those companions are just people. I'm not saying the bonuses should be amazing, but an extra 10% cheaper fast travel and/or a few pounds extra carry weight would both make solo play more bearable (which is a lot of people from what I see).

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