Looking at the rifles or Why does the king of rifles outperform all others and yet only require gunsmith 3? From a self admitted Radium Rider

fallout 2 - Looking at the rifles or Why does the king of rifles outperform all others and yet only require gunsmith 3? From a self admitted Radium Rider

Full disclosure, I am madly in love with Radium rifles, mod them for my in-game living, and am very jealous of the handmade bros.

Ok, with that out of the way, there are 4 main combat/assault rifles, The Assault Rifle, The Combat Rifle, The handmade Rifle and The Radium Rifle. Great, 4 rifles, should be some good variety there.

Except there isn't. The Handmade is the fair haired golden child of the group basically beating every other rifle on nearly every comparison. The poor Assault rifle, sitting there in the corner, laments how it was once beautiful and desirable, the Combat, plain Jane, just tries to get on with her life, and that weirdo, the Radium, well, just leave him there in the corner…

Of course, I have a bias, I was one of the first people to learn all the the Radium Rifle mods and start offering them to PS4 players so I'm bound to have a favourite. My real problem is the perk cost to do this and the damage differences. To craft and mod Radium rifles, I require Gunsmith Level 5, to craft and mod the Assault rifle, I require level 4.

Let's quickly look at damage, just viewing them in a weapons workbench here's the damages i see for the max level I could build, the Radium at max level also adds 15 rads (which will not affect ghouls/super mutants):

52 Handmade lvl 45 Gunsmith 3

46 Combat lvl 50 Gunsmith 3

43 Radium lvl 50 Gunsmith 5

38 Assault lvl 50 Gunsmith 4

I need to make it clear, this is for built, semi auto ones and my perks are for fully auto.

So how come the Handmade Rifle, with superior damage, recoil, feel, sound, screen real estate in first person, only requires level 3? This gun is hands down the most highly desired in the game, it's a premium experience at cut throat prices. It's a joy to use even though it's "handmade", are we saying the Commies knew how to build a better gun with their hands than the good old All American Weapons Industry with all it's muscular machines?

The only negative to the handmade is it has a higher AP cost in VATS/bats. A huge amount of players don't even use it so it could be considered a moot point, however I do use VATS alongside ADS and so I do want to mention it. The Assault rifle is also very AP hungry, then the Radium comes next with a pretty good AP cost and finally old Plain Jane, the Combat, a joy to use with VATS


Why do my beloved Radium rifles, with a recoil experience not unlike a choppy boat ride with lateral and vertical wobbles, with a suppressor WHICH DOESN'T SUPPRESS, with damage that doesn't measure up, cost me 5 perk points to build and mod?

While I'm talking about recoil, my personal quick ranking from best to worst would be handmade>assault>combat>radium. Handmade are pretty steady, combat snakes up and down vertically and the radium also adds in some horizontal snaking. I hope that makes sense because reading it back sounds a bit weird…

If i bung on my perks and compare Legendaries with explosive rounds the damages are as follows

114 Handmade

91 Combat

84 (+15) Radium

75 Assault

The handmade is 23 (twenty three) points more powerful than the next gun!!! I'm no good with maths but an increase from 91 to 114 is roughly 25%, that is a HUGE number when you take into account the growing ammo costs for the current game. For every 4 5.56's i fire, i need to shoot 5 45s to match it. Crazy stat when you consider for pretty much the same material costs (1 more gunpowder, 2 more lead, 2 more steel) I can make nearly double the amount of bullets (21 vs 36)

How can this be? There must be some kind of mistake – should the handmade be that much lower yet better in all comparisons (minus AP cost in Vats)?

I'm not sure which other guns fit into level 5 Gunsmith, no doubt it'll be the other forgotten guns, things like broadsiders and missile launchers, I'd be curious if anyone knows and could provide a list.

Anyway, basically what i'm saying is, pls Bethesda, make my Radium work with a suppressor, increase the damage in line with crafting and modding levels and fix the recoil. And also, Don't nerf the handmade!

I'm sick of nerfs, and i'm fairly sure i'm not the only one!

I would like to see each rifle have pros and cons that the others don't have, give me a reason to enjoy the variety rather than always knowing the Handmade version of a rifle will be the "best". Thanks for sticking with me through this, I hope it made sense and i didn't make too many mistakes.

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