Looking for a Friend? (Casual Tamer’s Guide)

fallout 8 - Looking for a Friend? (Casual Tamer's Guide)

Check out my pets and their stories so far here: https://imgur.com/gallery/9UaSJQ0

It took me ages to figure this out because I could not find a definitive, foolproof guide, so I figured I would make one for you Filthy Casuals who would also enjoy a friend at your camp.


  • Animal Friend (Fully Perked, Lvl 30)
  • Wasteland Whisperer (Fully Perked, Lvl 50)**
  • 6+ Charisma (I had 9)**
  • Any Ranged Weapon (I used a shotgun)
  • At least 10% budget availability in your C.A.M.P.

Technically you do not need both WW and AF, but I had both and it works, so I am giving you a no-shit, no-fail build for it.

* *From u/Vladtepesx3 — you do not need WW, but you DO need Animal Friend. Therefore, it should be theoretically possible to tame creatures with only 3 charisma. MTF once tested.


That's all I know of so far. Please feel free to comment if you have any additional ones you have seen!


Anywhere that produces a "random encounter."

The main road between Cranberry bog and the mire is a good place to find some random encounters, but I am going to give you the guaranteed spot that one other user on here had previously posted with her Deathclaw, Peaches.

  • Fallen Vertibird Location – Get there by fast travelling to either Abbies Bunker or Freddy's Fear House, and travel North until you find a Fallen Vertibird. It's in the middle of a pond, and the West end of that pond always produces a random encounter. Unfortunately sometimes this is the prizebot, etc.
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  • Step 1) Go to Random Encounter Location
  • Step 2) Encounter creature (must be by itself and half of your level OR LESS)**
  • Step 3) Aim down your sights toward the creature
  • Step 4) Press the button (depending on your platform) to TAME, rather than pacify
  • Step 5) Your new friend will walk, on foot, to your C.A.M.P. location– ensure it does not encounter any immediate threats, like the group of Scorched that tried to intercept my Deathclaw!
  • Step 6) Wait a little bit, and your friend will most likely appear at your C.A.M.P.

If the creature does not appear at your C.A.M.P after, I would say 15-20 minutes, it was probably killed along the way. No fear, just try it again next time you log into a different server.

** The half-level part may not be necessary. u/Carlfiii reports taming a Lvl 91 at Lvl 98. At this time there is not enough information to determine if this was a glitch, or if it's simply a rare occurrence!


  • Companionship– those C.A.M.P.s can get lonely sometimes
  • Protection– Your pet will fight enemies that attack your base, including other players.
  • Photo-Ops– I mean, this is the main benefit…right…


  • My Megasloth's (and apparently many pets) health bar remained RED instead of white when it travelled to my CAMP. So of course it was repeatedly attacked, until it went back feral left the CAMP permanently.
  • Some pets will randomly disappear
  • Other players WILL attack your pet unknowingly, which will likely cause them to become wanted. I just destroy them when it happens, then give them a polite warning that dude, you're kicking my dog…
  • If your pet is murdered, there's a slight chance leaving the world will restore it.
  • A heavily trafficked CAMP area will increase the likelihood of your pet being attacked. And your CAMP getting attacked… every… fu*king… day….
  • Scorched pets revert back to regular status and a lower level when they make it back to your camp (u/Vladtepesx3)
  • Red bar pets are tied to your turrets. If they attack, your turrets will shoot it (u/Vladtepesx3)
  • Pet level is deceptive and does not seem accurate. The level 21 deathclaw can solo multiple level 60 enemies and the level 16 yao guai gets bodied by mole rats (u/Vladtepesx3)
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Just a casual guide! The pet system seems quite buggy and flawed, but if you're like me, I think it's fun just to acquire different pets for a while. Hopefully we will eventually get companions that can travel around with us like Dogmeat. Seriously, I would pay MONEY BETHESDAY IF I COULD GET A DOG THAT TRAVELLED WITH ME EVERYWHERE YOU HEAR ME

Let me know if there's anything I missed or that needs to be fixed!


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