Looking for beta testers for community FO76 companion app: Rogue Trader

fallout 2 - Looking for beta testers for community FO76 companion app: Rogue Trader

Hello fellow wasteland wanderers!

I started building this app a month or so ago to fix an itch, and I am ready for some help w/beta testing things. This takes the place of spreadsheets to track inventory, it will make it easy to do trades without needing to spam chats and forums, and we'll be able to better provide legendary cost estimations. Plus we can bring in other community connection / LFG features. As we get more and more data + trades loaded into the DB, it'll also be able to give realistic #'s for the value that things are trading at (and I can start to apply deep learning to it as well).

It is not integrated into the systems with Bethesda at this time (sorry). But! If they open up an API (even read-only) it could synchronize easily enough. It uses the existing data and structures from the game, so you can easily search to add things as well as adding legendaries. Plus, the interface may feel familiar…

Some of the features on the public version available right now are limited, but feel free to poke around to get a feel for things. You can look at item valuation by going to . Right now it's on a fairly small instance at AWS, but I'll set it up to scale when it's ready for public use. If you have probs, please ping me on DM or our discord.

I'd love help if you are interested in beta testing – just DM me here, or on the discord (on the app go to nav->INFO).

I look at this as a supplementary tool in addition to all the other cool stuff going on, where it automates a lot of what is done manually right now. I build things people find interesting, so if people want to see improvements, let's talk about them and see where it goes. There are a lot of directions I can take this. Some of the near-term plans:

  1. karma after trading will be part of your profile.
  2. searching open trades by legendary effect, item, etc – i.e. just match what you need, without having to scan lists and browse around.
  3. public listing for what you have available to trade.
  4. additional federated authentication including twitch/discord/reddit.
  5. better accessibility from mobile – right now it's a mixed bucket. but with some focus, it can become better.
  6. messaging (public) when negotiating on each trade. No DM – use other forums for that.
  7. Realtime lobby/LFG. You can express if you are online and ready, and it'll automatically pair up by interest, platform, etc.
  8. It uses an API so once I finish documenting things you can use your own tools to synchronize your inventory & trade data.
  9. Courier matching service – help make it easy to connect with vetted couriers.
  10. photo uploads and CAMP voting – suggest cool camps and vote on what you liked best (per category). Best voted pics can become new backdrops.

And the question arises: why am I doing this? I build apps and sites during the day, so I'm leveraging an existing engine used with other successful startups I've been involved with. If this is something people like and enjoy, I can even put together a team to put behind continuing to develop things. If you are interested in helping, also contact me on discord.

Thanks all, and enjoy!


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